Stop Mass Poisoning of Fish and River

Target: Jakub Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland

Goal: Protect Oder River from industrial run-off lethal to marine life.

A river that is a natural fixture in Germany and Poland has become a death trap for the aquatic life that call it home. Over 100 tons of dead fish have been taken from the Oder (or Odra) River. The cause of this mass casualty event remains unknown.

Scientists exploring the root cause have theorized that a “cocktail of chemicals,” particularly mercury, strongly contributed to the environmental catastrophe. Abnormal algae growth, perhaps spurred by the introduction of pesticides or industrial waste into the river, may have played a part as well. Poland has been accused by neighboring Germany of withholding the severity of the problem and of failing to regulate illegal discharges around the waterway.

Legislation is being considered that would provide enhanced protections to this important river. Sign the petition below to urge immediate passage of these safeguards.


Dear Prime Minister Morawiecki,

The recent die-off of fish created an environmental catastrophe that has prompted needed emergency legislation. This legislation should merit urgent approval because it would provide badly needed monitoring of the affected river. Polish Waters has identified around 300 illegal dump sites that very likely contributed to this horrible incident.

Moreover, the permitted industrial discharges are also causing unnecessary and dangerous environmental risk. Please advocate for even stricter guidelines on these policies and launch a full investigation that can bring any entities involved in this latest crisis to justice. Silence the critics who doubt your commitment to a cleaner, healthier Poland by taking proactive steps to protect its most vulnerable habitats.


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Photo Credit: Grzegorz Kilian

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