Dog Who Reportedly Cried for Help During Brutal Beating Deserves Justice

Target: Anthony Gulluni, District Attorney of Hampden County, MA

Goal: Prosecute man accused of neglecting and abusing pet dog to fullest extent.

Massachusetts police recently responded to disturbing reports from a condominium. Witnesses heard the apparent sounds of a dog being struck and whimpering in pain. When authorities arrived, they reported finding Sophie, a mixed pit bull, in dire condition. Severe malnutrition, anemia, diarrhea, patchy fur, and fractures were reported after a veterinary examination.

The director of a local animal shelter where Sophie is receiving care said, “it was heartbreaking to see Sophie’s condition when she first came to us. We’ve been able to nurse her back to health, physically, but there are still some behavioral challenges that we’re working through.” Sophie may soon find her forever home with the aid of MSPCA-Angell’s adoption program. Her alleged abuser, on the other hand, is facing felony animal cruelty charges.

Sign the petition below to help ensure he pays the maximum price if he is found guilty.


Dear DA Gulluni,

Accused animal abuser Carl Moglika, Jr. is charged with two counts of felony cruelty for his alleged physical abuse and neglect of his dog Sophie. If not for the intervention of concerned neighbors who claimed to hear Sophie’s cries, this defenseless dog may have met a far worse fate. The organization now caring for her reports ongoing behavioral issues, potentially a lingering scar from her previous experiences. These may impact her adoptability.

If Mr. Moglika did treat a living being under his care with such horrific disregard, he needs to be held fully accountable. Please do not accept a slap-on-the-wrist plea bargain and maintain the pursuit of a maximum sentence if his guilt is validated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: MSPCA Angell


  1. Ashley Swinney says:

    If he gets a slap on the wrist for this..every single member of law enforcement in that jurisdiction should be held accountable for that man’s evil and merciless actions. This should be no different than if he had done this to another human but worse because a person could have fought back! COWARD!!

  2. Theresa Thigpen says:

    If he is not fully punished by the justice system then he will go on to think this behavior is ok and gradually graduate to humans if he is not already violent to humans already. If he is, I’m afraid he will go on to become a child molester, sex offender, rapist or murderer.

  3. It’s a shame that people who do such things as this, only gets a slap on the wrist! Someone needs to put a STOP TO ANIMAL ABUSE! These innocent animals don’t have a chance at the hands of evil humans that do this! SO WE MUST BE THERE VOICE AND PUNISH THEM HARSHLY SO IT WILL STOP!! THEY CANNOT HELP THEMSELVES!!! DO IT FOR THEM!!!

  4. I hope someone beats that pos till he can’t move

  5. It is sad when “humans” take their hate out on someone eho will not fight back. I’m sure he didn’t understand why a person would harm him. May God be your judge!

  6. Like the others posting, I’m betting it will be the same as always, a mere slap on the wrist. This pos should be in prison in the general population. Let them take care of him!

  7. If these so called people of the Law do what they should do and punish this insolent, ignorant, pathetic excuse for a `human being` then we can trust in them to uphold justice. If they don’t, then someone please go and sort this evil waste of space `human` out!!
    Such evil actions done to an innocent animal `because they can` tells me what they are. A pathetic, weak, bullying, moronic fool who must not be allowed to own or go near any animals, EVER.
    Please will someone sort this `problematic, pathetic excuse for a human` out.

  8. They need to start publishing addresses of this scum, I’m sure there are plenty of people that would seek out REAL justice on their own.

  9. B Freyberger says:

    Only wish we could do the same to him!!

  10. Someone should beat and starve this piece of shit low life scum.

  11. He deserves to be beaten and treated like that, people like him should not be allowed to have pets. The poor furbaby 😭

  12. Maria Lavorato says:

    Felony charges ….jail him for his miserable life! Hope someone beats you dead in jail!!!

    God’s speed for a full recovery and a happy forever home Sophie. Thanks so much to Sophie’s neighbours….

  13. It better be more than a slap on the wrist. This douchebag belongs in jail. It this was a person, it would be different. What a crock! Prayers sweet baby

  14. Let’s hope and pray that this Carl Moglika Jr pathetic excuse for a sub-human garbage doesn’t breed himself from his own sperm, or God help the resultant (sub-?) human offspring, becasue THEY will be the NEXT ones to be starved and beaten almost to death.

    But then – would any self-respecting woman even want a piece of scum like this for a husband/partner? Let’s hope not.

    Kudos to the witnesses (neighbours?) who called the authorities for help.

  15. Law enforcement did their jobs, now DA’S and judges have to start doing theirs! NO PLEA DEALS! This pos needs jail, fines, a ban on any animal forever and monitoring at least. Remember PUPPY DOE!

  16. Be sure this asshole pays for all of Sophie’s medical care first, then starve him and beat the hate out of him, making sure you break many bones in the process. Unless he experiences what Sophie did, he will NEVER learn.

  17. If he is not punished (slap on the wrist justice is not justice) then he will do this again and likely move on to hurting humans at the first opportunity. This guy has issues and he needs to be put away for the safety of the human and animal population in his area. What a cowardly scum.

  18. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    The only law this guy will understand is street justice! Until people in his area that know where he is do so justice will never be served

  19. Put this jerk in jail….

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