Puppies Suffocated by Hanging Deserve Justice


Target: Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York

Goal: Administer proper sentencing for the man who allegedly suffocated two puppies.

Two puppies were reportedly suffocated before being thrown into a trash can in an act of extreme animal cruelty. Jason Gentry is facing trial on ten accounts of animal abuse for both neglect and the death of two puppies at an unlicensed training facility.

The puppies were found in a trash bag behind a convenience store and were from a litter of Donovan Pinschers, a designer breed made by Dominick Donovan. Gentry said that he felt the animals didn’t fit the standards laid out by the breed’s creator, and he allegedly suffocated them by hanging. Once the puppies were discovered, authorities searched his business and found five more dogs suffering inhumane conditions.

Two years ago, Gentry reportedly attended a meeting for Salem Saves Animals where the founder, Lorelei Stathopoulos, found it unsettling that he only wanted to work with large and dangerous dogs and chose to leave his own pet in the car. His impression and behavior with animals stuck with her and she has been advocating for justice since news of his trial broke. When she attended his first hearing, she said that he gave her and her companions the middle finger.

Gentry should receive the fullest possible punishment for his act of cruelty if found guilty. These puppies were killed and then thrown away like trash and he has shown obvious disrespect for a women who advocates for the rights of animals. Tell Attorney General Schneiderman to push for the punishment of Gentry to the fullest extent of his crimes and take a firm stance on animal cruelty.


Dear Attorney General Schneiderman,

A pair of puppies faced a harsh death by suffocation, only to then be thrown in the trash can. Jason Gentry, the man accused of this crime, is now on trial for illegally operating a training facility and ten accounts of animal abuse, and he should not receive lenient sentencing if found guilty.

Gentry has already admitted to killing the puppies because they were not within the standards of a designer breed, which is an inhumane tactic and reasoning never used by licensed breeders who understand the value of even imperfect dogs. These puppies faced a tragic and drawn-out death as they lost their air, and though their deaths most likely saved the other dogs suffering in his facility, they should receive justice.

His crimes need to be seriously evaluated for the violent nature and his acts of animal cruelty and the illegal dog training operation should put him in jail for a reasonable amount of time. Animal cruelty is a sick crime that is far too often lightly punished–don’t let this be the case any longer in New York.


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Photo Credit: Martina Vakonicova

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  1. First off, Gentry is not within the standards of a “normal” human being. In fact, this mentally ill individual should NEVER, under any circumstances, be allowed to own (or even be around) any animal ever again. His behavior resembles that of a sociopath. I hope he is convicted and punished to the full extent of the law. That said, unfortunately, our nation’s laws regarding abuse to animals are way too lenient. Really wish I could give all of these animal abusers a taste of their own abuse …. an eye for an eye, so to speak !!!!!

  2. Karen Remnant says:

    Hang him! The world won’t miss this sorry excuse for a human!

  3. Catherine Dugan says:

    Hw darethese inhumane people hurt and kill poor, innocent puppies. Puppies who never hurt anyone. They should hang these people and see what happens to them. Or, better yet, Hurt an animal, go to jail.


  5. June Haggar says:

    These evil men were caught in Revere, Massachusetts and were arraigned in Chelsea, Massachusetts in the nearby town. WHY is this petition going to New York? This does NOT make sense and time is being wasted to give this to the wrong state. It has been on the news in MA that these guys were arraigned in MASSACHUSETTS, so why send anything to New York. CHANGE the state

    • jason thinks he is a real tough guy. He deserves to get punished, really thinks he is untouchable. And for his lawyers fees are being paid by Giovanni’s roast beef & pizza. His families franchise in massachusetts and new hampshire locations. we all should not support those pizza roast beef shops

  6. WHO DOES THIS IDIOT THINK HE IS! — Penalties MUST be more strict and severe in order to obliterate and permanently abolish these horrific and savage crimes — We do NOT want repeat crimes of abuse against animals — animals, like humans, want to live and be happy — throw this idiot psychopath in jail and throw away the key — he belongs in a rubber room permanently — I repeat — harsh, high, severe penalties should be imposed.

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