End Abusive Lion and Tiger Show


Target: Circus performer and Operator Thomas Chipperfield

Goal: Stop allegedly exploiting lions and tigers for entertainment.

Thomas Chipperfield, known as “Britain’s last lion tamer,” is touring his new show called “An Evening with Lions and Tigers.” This show is allegedly essentially Chipperfield forcing the animals through hoops and other abusive and cruel stunts. Chipperfield’s lions, Assegai and Tsavo, and his tigers, Nadia, Altai, and Syas, allegedly live in a tight cage in the back of a truck called the “beast wagon.” Animal Defenders International has reportedly seen the Chipperfield cats expressing repetitively concerning behavior that indicates the inadequacy of their unhealthy environment.

Veterinarians have expressed their concern about the tigers’ lives being severely compromised. These behaviors have only ever been seen by animals in captivity, and are unheard of in naturally wild animals. Authorities are not the only ones concerned, and a large public outcry has already spread in the form of other petitions. Over 12,000 people signed the petition that successfully urged Herefordshire Country Show to cancel a planned Chipperfield performance, and the over 54,000 that opposed the show in Wrexham attracted widespread news and media exposure. Help end these animals’ suffering once and for all and end the Thomas Chipperfield Show.


Dear Thomas Chipperfield,

Animal training and care is an incredibly difficult job. It takes great determination and dedication to care for and train large wild cats like lions and tigers, and I appreciate how seriously you have taken this challenge. But I’m concerned that your animals are not safe in the confinement they’re being kept in or from the treatment they’ve been given. As an animal owner I am sure that you have a very personal and emotional bond with your animals, and the only way these animals can ever be happy and healthy is off the road and off the stage.

Animals Defenders International reportedly documented your cats expressing strange behaviors in your shows that indicate serious physical and mental health issues due to their environment and treatment. I don’t doubt your care for these cats, but the care you are giving now is not enough to keep your animals alive. Wild animals are not meant to travel around the world performing tricks, and forcing them to do so is simply exploitation. Please do the right thing for your animals and stop your tour and performances immediately.


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Photo credit: Tangopaso

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    This man clearly does NOT care about his animals, only the money he can make from them. If he truly cared about them he would not have them in the first place! They belong in the wild, not in a cage. Also, I believe some members of the Chipperfield family were charged with animal abuse some years back when undercover film was made of a Chipperfield woman (Mary?) beating a chimpanzee.These animals should be placed in a sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives in as near to normal a way as possible. They have had their lives (as they SHOULD have been) stolen from them by this family.

  2. Too right Cecily!!

    This family is vile. His mother or father was already prosecuted for animal cruelty. He’s just too egotistic to give up gracefully, and while he’s massaging his ego, the poor animals are suffering!

    It’s obvious he won’t give up easily so he needs to be forced to do so.

  3. Lions and tigers have too much natural dignity for circus acts like that! Furthermore : they belong in the wild, hopefully in a safe place away from trophy hunters!

  4. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    No animal deserves to be deprived of their liberty for any reason. They were born to be free and live in their natural habitats. I hope that someday we will undertand this and learn to respect and cherish them as free animals.

  5. I would LOVE to see a picture and read an article online where this POS got eaten alive by these lions & tigers! Ah, sweet retribution!

  6. These animals were not put on our planet to be used for human greed and entertainment purposes. Shame on everyone involved, including anyone who pays money to this circus.

  7. caryl sawyer says:

    Chase this miscreant to the ends of the Earth, just like that filthy bastard Walter Palmer who killed Cecil.

    Government agencies have proven repeatedly to be useless and bribable. See what actions have been taken in the past against this genetically damaged family.

  8. Heather Brophy says:


  9. Would everyone please just QUIT FUNDING these a**holes’ shows & livelihood by NOT GOING TO THESE VENUES, period?!?!! What is WRONG with people, keeping such horrific acts alive & well by buying tickets that support blatant animal abuse, exotic animal trade, and endless suffering for the animals so used???

  10. PLEASE place the happiness and comfort of our big cats high on your agenda — we took them out of their natural home and we OWE them happiness and comfort — either they are to be returned to their natural habitat — and only if that’s doable and in the best interests of our big cats OR send them to a sanctuary where they can once again be happy and comfortable — WE OWE THEM THIS! WE MUST DO THE RIGHT THING BY THEM!

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