Ban Tortuous Bear Baiting ‘Sport’


Target: Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina

Goal: Ban the horrific “sport” of bear baiting in South Carolina

Bear baiting is an appalling— and shockingly legal —“sport” that is all too common in South Carolina. These poor creatures are mutilated, tied down, and rendered defenseless while cruel participants sic aggressive hunting dogs on them so they can watch the fight.

Bears forced into the brutal world of bear baiting are mutilated by having their canine teeth and claws cruelly removed so that they are unable to defend themselves. Then they are forced to undergo several “fights” per day where they are tied down and ruthless dogs that have been trained to attack are unleashed upon them. The bears are viciously tortured for up to three minutes per fight, and a match is considered over when the dogs succeed in dragging the bear to the ground.

The wounded bears do not receive medical attention and are instead forced to suffer through as many fights as they can survive. In addition, the attack dogs are often injured or even killed during fights. Dogs belong in the safety of loving homes and should not be used for such a barbaric, dangerous purpose by humans whose goal is to train them to be aggressive toward other animals for the sake of twisted entertainment.

The South Carolina government must immediately outlaw this disgusting sport and begin strict enforcement of the ban to end the suffering of these poor creatures.


Dear Governor Haley,

I was shocked to learn that the unthinkably cruel practice of bear baiting is legal in the state of South Carolina.

As you may know, bear baiting is a horrific sport that involves rendering captive bears defenseless by removing their canine teeth and claws and then tying them down so aggressive dogs may be unleashed upon them. These poor creatures must endure several “fights” per day where they are tortured for up to three minutes or until the dogs have successfully dragged them to the ground. Wounded bears do not receive veterinary attention and must continue to suffer through as many fights as they can survive. Dogs are also often wounded or killed in fights.

No animal deserves to suffer through this torture for the sake of twisted entertainment. I urge you to show concerned animal welfare advocates across the country that you are taking this matter very seriously by demonstrating your compassion for these suffering animals. Please outlaw this disgusting sport immediately and see that a statewide ban is strictly enforced.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tim Williams via Flickr

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  1. Delores Parker says:

    Mankind is one sick species with no brain, no empathy for anything. Just find a way to make money, never mind who is tortured cruely and hurt horribly; they are just animals.

  2. Barbara Griffith says:

    I agree that mankind is the only creature on the planet that knows right from wrong. Animals act on instinct not because they think about what they want to do next like humans. Every where you look if its killing or cruelty humans are the ones committing it not animals which do not commit cruelty.

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