End Inhumanity in Factory Farms

Target: Bell & Evans CEO Scott Sechler

Goal: Petition Bell & Evans CEO Scott Sechler to end cruel poultry treatment in their factories

Factory farm chain Bell & Evans might label their chicken products as humane, but a leaked video of one of their animal factories proves it to be the exact opposite. Baby chickens who are just hours old are tossed from machine to machine with no mind towards injuries and open wounds these birds have sustained. Males are tossed alive into a grinding machine because the poultry factory has no use for birds who do not lay eggs. Urge CEO Scott Sechler to change Bell & Evans’ cruel practices and treat these animals in a way that is actually humane.

The company claims it is following the national standards and ensures their animals are “humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment.” Clearly this standard is not good enough as it allows Bell & Evans to keep newly born chicks in the same cages as dead chicks. It also allows this corporation to thoughtlessly toss live male chicks into a grinder because males do not lay eggs and take longer to put any fat on their bones. As the males do not represent a dollar sign, they are tossed out like trash.

Compassion Over Killing, a national nonprofit animal advocacy organization, recently posted a video taken inside the factory which featured all of these horrifying actions. Chicks were shuttled from machine to machine with open wounds, injuries, and dead birds accompanying them. Even if Bell & Evans meet the standard to print a humane label on their chicken products, in truthfulness they do not deserve it.

Sign the petition below to urge Bell & Evans CEO Scott Sechler to do the right thing for these little creatures. Demand they follow through on their promise to actually provide the chicks with compassionate handling and a minimal-stress environment. Every little bird is still a living being and deserves to be treated well for this fact and not simply because a company can make money off of them.


Dear Mr. Sechler,

It has recently come to my attention that your company has been practicing very inhumane treatment for baby chickens in your facilities. These birds are being injured, left with other dead birds, and coldly shoved through machines just hours after birth. Please increase your standard for what qualifies as humane treatment and show these animals some true care and compassion.

A video leaked from within your facility showed birds being shuffled from machine to machine with little thought for the animals. Your label assures the public your birds are receiving compassionate handling and a minimal-stress environment, but this video displays the opposite.

Please discontinue these actions and instead treat your animals in a way a living being deserves. Raise your standards so as to make the process of procuring chicken for your product one that is respectful and kind.


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  1. Stephen Murphy says:

    Civilised we are not.

  2. I am so glad to see this petition. I have seen the film showing baby chicks thrown into grinding machine by human with no felling what so ever. Amazing how human can be so cruel.

  3. Terrie Phillips says:

    I am so glad to see these kind of stories coming out to the public. Keep this in mind when you shop and spend your money accordingly. Years ago I went to a dairy farm( to buy a horse) and saw the veal calves chained and caged out in freezing wet weather. It broke my heart and I told the rancher what I thought of it. I have never forgotten those little babies. I tell everyone I see even thinking about buying veal just where it comes from. We are the shoppers, we do have power to stop those cruel factory farms. Sorry to write so much. But lets get busy making life better for animals.

  4. John Nichols says:

    And stop throwing live male chicks into a grinder because males do not lay eggs and take longer to put any fat on their bones. Knock off all cruelty, including that.

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