Stop Dog Breed Bans From Killing Loving Pets

Target: Joseph R. Biden, President of United States

Goal: Ban discriminatory laws targeting particular dog breeds.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is the term applied to any law that places stricter restrictions on or even bans the ownership of certain dogs on the basis of their breed. Though thought of as a preventative measure to protect people from “dangerous” dog breeds, there is no clear evidence that BSL is even effective in reducing dog bite attacks. Dogs commonly included among these discriminatory laws are Pit Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, English Bull Terriers, Doberman Pinschers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Chow Chows, Mastiffs, and may extend to other breeds that resemble these dogs.

While federal bills enacting BSL in the United States were phased out in 2006 and 2010, individual states and cities are now allowed to make their own regulations regarding which types of dogs are allowed where. Several states, like New York and Texas, have specific laws that regulate dangerous dogs individually, instead of enforcing discriminatory BSL policies against entire breeds of dogs. However, more than 700 U.S. cities in 36 states have enacted breed-specific laws. In these places it is illegal to own specific dogs due to their appearance, or dogs of certain breeds are highly regulated and aren’t afforded the same rights as non-targeted breeds. Dogs of certain breeds are even banned from national military bases, as instituted by policies regulated by the Residential Communities Initiative consortium.

In addition to the fact that BSL is not even effective in enhancing public safety, the enactment of these unfair laws also reinforces negative stereotypes for the dogs it targets, which has many devastating consequences. Pit Bulls, and other “bully” breeds, are among the first to be killed in shelters and Pit Bulls/ Pit Bull mixes are by far the most euthanized breed in American shelters.

Serious incidents relating to dog bites are more likely the cause of individual behavioral issues or irresponsible ownership than they are a result of a given dogs’ breed. All dogs have the ability to bite. Sign this petition to end unfair discriminatory legislation against specific dogs and to ban BSL at a federal level.


Dear President Biden,

The practice of discriminating against dogs on the basis of their breed– known as Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)– is still legal in many cities and states throughout the U.S. BSL targets a dozen or so dogs, including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds, in an unfounded attempt to reduce dog bite attacks and enhance public safety in the process. Laws often restrict where dogs of certain breeds can go, or prohibit ownership of these breeds altogether.

There has been no evidence that BSL has been effective in minimizing dog bite incidents. In fact, BSL has done more harm than good. Pit Bulls and other “bully” breeds suffer immensely from the harsh stereotypes forced upon them. These dogs are among the first to be euthanized by U.S. shelters and Pit Bulls remain the number one most euthanized breed of dog. BSL fully neglects the influence of other, more relevant factors contributing to dog bite incidents, including individual behavioral issues and poor ownership.

We are asking you, President Biden, to please support federal legislation to ban this unfair discrimination of dogs on the basis of their appearances. You will save millions of lives in the process.


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  1. Maria Lavorato says:

    All the named problem breeds including Pitt bulls are the sweetest breeds.

    It is an utterly insane way of thinking to annihilate a whole breed. That is the same as saying one bad person means the whole nationality is bad. WOW!! RACIST!!

    End this NOW! It is the owners not the dogs that should be punished and banned!! AND every dog should get a chance at rehabilitation.


  3. Joseph Kenosky says:

    These bans are garbage and, as such, need to be tossed in the trash.


  5. Elease M. Bradford says:

    Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) unfairly targets certain breeds of dogs based on stereotypes. As a result, these breeds are unfairly banned or euthanized. This type of legislation needs to be repealed.

  6. Cherilyn Stiles says:

    Please don’t discriminate! All animals are deserving of love!

  7. I have never met an animal that I have have disliked,however I am unable to say the same for all humans.Back off and stop discriminating against dogs!

    • I definately agree with your comment Michelle.
      “I have never met an animal that I have have disliked,however I am unable to say the same for all humans.Back off and stop discriminating against dogs”!

  8. Paula+Long says:

    Ban the people that raise mean animals not the animal you idiots.

  9. How many times do we have to say this “it is NOT the animal – it is the human that trains them”. What is so very sad is that the asshole humans that train these dogs are actually hurting the animal cause if the animal attacks or bites a human, they will kill the animal. This does not make any sense. Biden is trying to get his hands in everything else; he needs to stop this discrimination of dog breeds.

  10. Stop banning specific breeds. It’s NOT the breeds!!
    It’s the people who train them to bite and be mean. Ban the evil people who make them mean !!!

  11. Michelle Stewart says:

    Stop killing dogs because of what breed they are. The people that abuse dogs to “train” them, must be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again, must pay a $400,000 fine, and sign a registry that says they abuse/torture animals. It is the people’s fault that some dogs end up vicious and bite people/other animals. Don’t stereotype dogs. There isn’t bad dogs or animals. There are bad people. Some dogs end up as bait dogs or used in dog fights. If people are caught partcipating in/running dog fights, each person must spend 20 years in prison with no early parole, each pay a $500,000 fine, and each person must be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again. All animals must be seized from those people and never given back

  12. People train these breeds to be vicious. These people should be put in prison.

  13. Animals are only as good as their owners. I believe that if we had stricter laws and punishment for people who train their dogs to be vicious and fighters, we could alleviate this stereotyping of animals. I say, let’s stereotype the President and ALL politicians and get rid of them. They’re no good for society either.

  14. Heather M Kryger says:

    ANIMAL Lives Matter.


  16. If your waiting for joe biden to do something about this, good luck. The man doesn’t even know what room he is standing in. It’s so bad he has to have teleprompters and cue cards telling how to act and what to say. So if that is where your hedging your bets better keep praying!

  17. And this is what has come of deliberate BREEDING for HUMAN gain. First, humans decided to muck with cats’ and dogs’ natural DNA to satisfy humans’ selfish, egoic desire for “purebreds.” Now many have become irrationally and UNJUSTIFIABLY irate toward this species’ own “designer” creations. Then comes the “blame-shifting,” at tactic narcissistic types are infamous for. No, it’s never, ever THEIR OWN doing. So in this case, point the finger of blame at the innocent animals caught up in this self-absorbed, breeding INDUSTRY. The whole picture reeks of human hubris. Worse, it’s a mark of INSANITY.

    • Also, it’s not only caused by those who force dogs into the dog-fighting industry, but is also the fault of the generally IGNORANT ‘owners’ who don’t go and get training in socializing and handling their dogs…and only through truly humane methods (remedial or not) such as those used at .

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