Dogs Reportedly Starved in Death Cages Deserve Justice

Target: Tom Dannheisser, County Attorney of Santa Rosa County, FL

Goal: Seek severest penalty in case of woman accused of abandoning pet dogs, leading to their deaths.

Three deceased dogs found at a Florida property were reportedly so deteriorated physically that animal control officers had difficulty identifying what breeds they were. Authorities found the remains inside metal cages that were inside a shed. The animals appeared to have been in this location for a long period of time.

The woman to whom the dogs belonged, Alisha Lee, faces three counts of animal cruelty. In addition, she has been charged with abandonment. If she did indeed abandon her duty of care to these defenseless animals, she should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Sign the petition below to urge vigilance in the pursuit of a just outcome.


Dear Mr. Dannheisser,

Three pet dogs in Navarre allegedly endured an agonizing, prolonged death. Their skeletal remains were discovered inside locked metal cages. Reports indicate that their caretaker, Alisha Lee, may have abandoned them and left them to die with no means of escape.

This woman has been charged with animal cruelty and abandonment. Please ensure that she receives the maximum possible sentence if she is found guilty.


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Photo Credit: Alin Luna


  1. I’m sick of the minimizing term “animal cruelty” when used in the case of their death(s), where it rightfully should then be called “animal MURDER.” As always, if it were HUMANS killed, it wouldn’t be minimized as only “human CRUELTY.” But this world loves to operate on, and to accept, outright LIES, doesn’t it?

  2. The state of Fla needs to get off their butts, get a set of balls and deal with problem.

    • I think it’s the entire United States judicial systems that need to stand up to animal abusers and animal killers.
      A mere slap of the wrist isn’t doing CRAP to stop this.

      I would bet many animal abusers/killers had previously gotten caught; but continue to act like a “POS” due to the fact no JUST punishment was handed out.


      • 100%. Im so sick and tire of hearing these same severe abuse and neglect storis and our govt and states just give a slap on the wrist. They need to be taken off the planet. People who do this are wasted space

      • WRONG.Red states have worse animal abuse laws. That is a FACT. Know what happened to pos who put stray cat on fire in Brooklyn? Record 7 years and served EVERY SINGLE 7 YEARS.

  3. These total losers, irresponsible owners of neglected, abused animals. We need stiffer consequences or this will just keep happening. I’m so sick of this!!!

  4. Patricia Leigh Wicker says:



  6. Andrew Wells says:

    Hang her!!

  7. I think she should be locked up like she did the dogs and then forget about her. She needs to feel the pain that they went through and see how she likes it.

  8. Sally Mitchell says:

    Between Florida and Texas I don’t know which one is worse regarding animal abuse and just plain animal cruelty! C’mon, those states can do so much better. Maximum sentence would start sending a message that we will tolerate NO MORE! Please, help the future of animals be safe!

  9. Cassi True says:

    I thought animal cruelty was supposed to be a felony! Maybe if we took the penalty to extreme measures such as death penalty/prison we would see a lot less of it and people would think twice!

  10. Joy Y. Sperry says:

    This monster deserves the maximum punishment. These dogs died a horrible death, trapped,starving. Desperate to escape, I can’t even imagine the suffering they had to endure. Anyone this cruel and uncaring needs to be locked up for a long time. Show her the same mercy she showed these dogs…none.

    • Maliikia konter says:

      I thought the very same thing i cannot imagine the pain these poor dogs went through..its so heartbreaking…send the scumbag to me for one day, i will teach her a lesson

  11. Elaine Smith says:

    When property vacated surely someone is responsible for checking pets have not bern left .. perhaps then change locks prevent psychotic pos sneaking back in. Hear 2 much of thisv🤬🤬🤬🤬

  12. Elaine Smith says:

    When property vacated surely someone is responsible for checking pets have not bern left .. perhaps then change locks prevent psychotic pos sneaking back in. Hear 2 much of this ..🤬🤬🤬🤬

  13. Should do the same right back to her!!!!

  14. Lock this bit*h in a cage and starve her to death! Eye for an eye is what they need to bring back!

  15. These poor souls must have called out (barked) when they started asking for help. Is there no neighbours??? Did no one wonder what happened to this b*tchs dogs?? This b*itch deserves the worst I can think of but to often neighbours indifference contributes.

  16. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    Is there any thing worse than being left locked in a cage without food or water, to die a slow torturous death?! No there is not, and this case needs to be treated as such, with the lowlife monster, Alisha Lee, charged and prosecuted to the max for intentional murder of three innocent dogs! This monster should receive an extensive jail sentence, @ the very least…no plea deals! It should go without saying that she be permanently banned from ever even being allowed around another animal!! Those poor, poor dogs!!

  17. Johnny K. says:

    Put this low-life Bitch in a cage with no water or food and then put a audio recording device next to her cage and you will eventually hear her begging for someone to help her with food and water and to be let out of her cage. Record a few hours of her begging and crying and screaming and put the audio on YouTube for animal lovers to enjoy hearing. I would be glad to pay a hundred dollars to hear her begging and crying for one hour. Her cries would be music to my ears. And I would never let her out until she was worm food. That’s all the worthless Bitch would be worth to me, just worm food.

  18. Make this BITCH pay for all aspects of this case, then throw her in a crate, lock it and leave, She needs to starve to death just like she made those poor innocent dogs starve

  19. Sin duda alguna, este ser INHUMANO ademas de asesino es torturador….Habria que aplicarle el mismo castigo….Pobres perritos!!!!

  20. I don’t understand the mentality of a human being that intentionally creates a situation that guarantees the horrendously inevitable death of defenseless animals. No excuse…

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