Stop Breeding Dogs for Drug Testing and Vivisection


Target: Communities Secretary Greg Clark

Goal: Stop farm that breeds beagle puppies and other animals for drug testing.

A facility that will breed beagle puppies solely for the purpose of using them for laboratory experiments has been approved despite the massive amount of people in the United Kingdom who vehemently oppose using animals in drug testing.

The U.K. Planning Inspectorate has decided to overturn the decision to not build the site. Communities Secretary Greg Clark approved of an appeal by Yorkshire Evergreen that will allow them to breed beagles and other animals for scientific testing at their site in Grimston, North Yorkshire. The site will also perform vivisection and drug experiments.

Dogs used in scientific experiments are forced to inhale toxic substances through masks, are strapped in harnesses so that they can’t escape for drug injections, and force fed through tubes. Popular substances tested on dogs include pharmaceutical drugs, weed killer, and industrial chemicals.

This is the second facility in Britain that breeds beagles specifically for science experiments. The other facility is located in Harlan, Cambridgeshire, where around 3,000 beagles are bred to be used for experimentation. Vivisection is a controversial procedure and animal rights proponents are outraged at the newest facility being opened. The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) said that the latest approval of the new facility is a “betrayal of the animals, the public and science.”

The government ignored thousands of people who signed petitions and decided to approve a controversial facility. These poor beagle pups and other animals forced to endure cruel acts for experimentation do not deserve this injustice. Please sign the petition below and urge the U.K. Planning Inspectorate to reverse their approval for this new facility.


Dear Mr. Greg Clark,

I am deeply saddened to hear the U.K. Planning Inspectorate has decided to overturn the decision to not build a facility that will breed beagle puppies and other animals for scientific experiments. This decision was made despite the millions of people who protested it and it will subject these poor animals to cruel experiments that they do not deserve to endure.

Beagle puppies used for experiments are forced to inhale toxic substances by having masks strapped on their faces and are injected with drugs. Beagles are chosen for their sweet and loving nature. It is disgusting that the government has approved of a facility that will allow this and it is out of step with their movement towards using alternative methods for animal testing.

I am sorry to hear that you are choosing to ignore so many people who know that this is wrong and not in line with the United Kingdom’s stance on animal testing. Please reverse the decision to approve of this facility and stop the cruel fate of thousands of animals.


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  1. Nena Miller says:

    To bring life into the world to torture and kill that life defies my ability to understand. There must be a special hell for every asshole who participates and approves of this action. It makes me sick. Shame in those who must have been paid off to overturn a negative decision to have this horrible site set up.

  2. Debra Jordan says:

    What the hell is wrong with people. Why would anyone do something like this to these beautiful and innocent animals. They should be prosecuted for the cruelty of these animals.


    Use your f…..g intelligence! …. do your damn experiments on the inmates … idiots! … and I thought your country was above South Korea … obviously NOT!

  4. Let´s defend all types of non human animals, from any type of exploitation. LET´S SET ALL OF THEM FREE ONCE FOR ALL!!

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    Unfortunately for the hypocrites, thanks to internet technology we can do the research, and we know that animal “testing” is a sham, done primarily to obtain funding.

    Somebody should seriously hurt these genetic throwbacks.

  6. what the fucking hell you and the bastard government think you are playing at by putting these animals for testing if i ever get hold of you or cameron I will fucking kill you and there is time yet what a country we live in with you lot in charge i hope you die of cancer or worst because you are now in big trouble no wonder people are stupid i would like to do this to you all watch and laugh why can’t you all emigrate the place would be better off without you and why people vote tory is beyond me

  7. Cecily Colloby says:

    This is beyond outrageous. Use humans to experiment on instead, namely the bastards who will work in these hell-holes, those who torture the dogs they breed in the name of “research” and, last but not least, the mindless morons who actually gave the go-ahead for this place to be built…

  8. Most, if not all, reputable institutions NO LONGER use animals in their labs for research in this day and age. They are using non-lethal, humane methods NOT using animals — simulation. Get on board with this and STOP THE DRACONIAN CRUELTY of using animals — it’s irrational, it’s needless and it’s unconscionable!

  9. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    why stop overpopulation of dogs and cats? we need to stop overpopulation of us humans not just dogs and cats.

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