‘Skeleton’ Dog Reportedly Starved to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Rachel Mitchell, Maricopa County Attorney

Goal: Fully penalize woman accused of starving and neglecting dog if found guilty.

“A skeleton”: veterinarians reportedly used this term to describe the condition of a dog that they examined after the animal died. The emaciation was apparently so severe that a body condition index given to the dog only yielded a score of one out of a possible nine. The examiners determined the cause of death to be severe underfeeding.

The dog also showed signs of two other diseases: parvovirus and aspiration pneumonia, the latter of which would have made breathing extremely difficult. The alleged lack of medical care given to the animal prior to death could be more evidence of long-term neglect. The woman supposedly caring for the dog, Deanndra Robbins, now faces animal cruelty charges.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Ms. Mitchell,

A local woman has been accused of starving her pet dog to the extent that the animal was rendered a skeleton. She also may have done nothing to secure clinical aid for this dog after troubling symptoms of other ailments emerged. This animal was reportedly only provided food and taken to a veterinarian after the ravaging of the body turned deadly.

Please send a message that the care of any animal is not a hobby nor an inconvenience but a serious responsibility with serious repercussions if this duty is abandoned. Seek maximum charges and mandate mental health treatment if deemed necessary.


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Photo Credit: Simon Robben 


  1. I think Lisa’s request should be granted. It would be granted if I was in charge. I’d like to video tape Lisa working on that Bitch with a barbed wire Lucille bat. I bet I could make a million bucks putting the video on YouTube for people to watch. A ton of animal lovers would gladly pay to see the living shit beat out of this worthless Bitch. Every one of her screams would be music to my ears. After the 10 minute beating, just let her lay there in her own blood and bleed out. Now that would be what I would call true justice. And, oh yeah Lisa, I would pay for the barbed wire and the Lucille bat.

  2. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that this poor animal was allowed to starve to death. Deanndra Robbins is a witch. Her behavior was appalling and unacceptable. There were other options. If she was unable to or unwilling to care for this dog, she should have taken him to a shelter or given him to someone who could provide a loving home. Deanndra Robbins needs to be punished for neglecting this innocent animal and causing it to starve to death. RIP fur baby and I hope you get justice.

    • Stated very clearly-I agree that such a conscienceless “being”, who would stand by, day after day,doing absolutely nothing to help this desperate,precious dog,needs to be prosecuted,and then thrown into the gates of hell,along with all of the other horrible,worthless evil beings who harm innocent,vulnerable,dependant animals-they are the worst, despicable excuses for walking amongst us-show no mercy to these evil individuals.

    • She has to be made answerable for this CRIME. Against her pet dog dammit! She needs a public flogging with a cat o nine… starved … I bet she is obese. Deprived of medical care… I pray she has nightmares for the rest of her abusive life.

  3. Diane+johnson says:


  4. These type of people are what I call MONSTERS !
    They have no feelings, no heart. I am quoting something I read and truly believe, and think law enforcement should hand out stiffer jail or prison times! These MONSTERS DON’T CHANGE, THEY BECOME WORSE! Shame on laws that let these people off with a warning and a slap on the hands. When will law enforcement learn?

    ‘Animal cruelty is linked to all forms of human abuse, from domestic violence to sexual assault. Yet despite clear evidence suggesting the connection between animal abuse and future criminal behavior, authorities too often fail to treat cases of animal cruelty with the same severity as violence against humans. This unbelievably cruel act against an innocent animal must be taken seriously, regardless of the individual’s state of mind at the time of committing it.”



  6. Starve the botch to death so she knows how it feels

  7. This monster deserves to starve to death! There is no excuse for starving a sweet angel.

  8. Shirley D Storey says:

    Execute owner-she is an inhumane monster

  9. Pet dog it says!!! How can the animal be called her pet when the bastard treated it like this.
    I really would like some time with this fucker and slowly starve her the same as this poor dog.
    Or better still baseball-batted till most of her bones were broken. But on a dark night of course. Done and dusted as they say. She would not be doing it again that’s for sure!
    And before anyone asks, ‘ yes I WOULD do it to the shitbag if given the chance and have her screaming for mercy!
    No animal deserves this kind of torture which it is.
    Power to all animal vigilante groups to get rid of these waste of space bastards.
    Jonny W.

  10. Adrienne+Kaiser says:

    Why do people have dogs when they clearly don’t want them OR don’t have the money to care for them? I realize people fall on hard times, but I bet the owner didn’t go without food!! If she loved the dog, she would have tended to its needs instead of neglecting it. Please prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law without exceptions and forbid her to ever own or have a dog for the rest of her life! Dogs suffer and feel pain…

    • I agree 100 percent with you. They need to prosecute people for crimes like this and impose stiff, long-term jail sentences.

  11. This bitch should die like that poor dog did!!!

  12. Laura Rolder says:

    Why on earth should this POS!! Be allowed to live? She is a murderer and should not be allowed to take another breath. Justice for these poor animals. No more letting these monsters off easy.

  13. The most painfull way to die and alone..this monster must pay.

  14. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    DESPICABLE…There are people that do not deserve to own a dog, and this murdering lowlife is certainly one of them. For a dog to literally starve to death is a slow, torturous process, and Deanndra Robbins willfully allowed it to happen, by either purposefully choosing to not feed the poor dog, or by not seeking assistance to help feed and care for the dog…either way is inexcusable and criminal. Please ensure this murdering lowlife is charged and prosecuted to the max for this horrific crime, and it should go without saying, implement a permanent ban from her ever being allowed even around another animal in her lifetime!

  15. All above comments are fantastic. Locking her in a cage and eating food in front of her- is eye for an eye.
    The poor animal didn’t deserve such an evil woman

    Laws need to change to let these type of humans get punished properly for their actions.
    It’s equal to hurting a child.

  16. Jaime Perez says:

    This stinking monster deserves the same treatment she put this innocent dog through. Until punishments for animal abuse are tough and harsh, things like this will continue to happen. The poor dog did not deserve this.

  17. It just turns my stomach inside out to know that some inhuman bitch was allowed to even pet a beautiful little baby like that one let alone be in possession of one of them. She needs to be publicly beaten and starved. To death. With a sign that his around her neck letting animal lovers know what she’s done. I just pray this baby finds peace and love in the afterlife.

  18. This vile,mentallty deranged animal killer must be exterminated!! A slow and agonising death for this evil bitch is essential!! OHHH YESSS!!!

  19. There are soooo many sick people who do such horrible things to children and animals that can’t help themselves. It hurts to know that there are to many cases where there was no body that would intervene and help those helpless victims.
    I believe that crazy person should be locked up let her be hungry for a while, maybe she would understand what she did to ‘Skeleton’ Best would be to keep her locked up for the rest of her life so she can’t hurt any innocent animals ever again

  20. Paula+Long says:

    Neglect is abuse also. Don’t have pets of you aren’t willing to make them part of your family. You don’t have to have a pet you morons.

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