‘Skeleton’ Dog Reportedly Starved to Death Deserves Justice

Target: Rachel Mitchell, Maricopa County Attorney

Goal: Fully penalize woman accused of starving and neglecting dog if found guilty.

“A skeleton”: veterinarians reportedly used this term to describe the condition of a dog that they examined after the animal died. The emaciation was apparently so severe that a body condition index given to the dog only yielded a score of one out of a possible nine. The examiners determined the cause of death to be severe underfeeding.

The dog also showed signs of two other diseases: parvovirus and aspiration pneumonia, the latter of which would have made breathing extremely difficult. The alleged lack of medical care given to the animal prior to death could be more evidence of long-term neglect. The woman supposedly caring for the dog, Deanndra Robbins, now faces animal cruelty charges.

Sign the petition below to urge prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Ms. Mitchell,

A local woman has been accused of starving her pet dog to the extent that the animal was rendered a skeleton. She also may have done nothing to secure clinical aid for this dog after troubling symptoms of other ailments emerged. This animal was reportedly only provided food and taken to a veterinarian after the ravaging of the body turned deadly.

Please send a message that the care of any animal is not a hobby nor an inconvenience but a serious responsibility with serious repercussions if this duty is abandoned. Seek maximum charges and mandate mental health treatment if deemed necessary.


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Photo Credit: Simon Robben 


  1. Lock her up and give her no food so she can experience what she put this poor innocent God’s creature through.

  2. Simone. Agreed!!!!

  3. Starve that cunt. There is no fucking god. I hate people so much

  4. Tom Getsa says:

    What do you expect from 💩 for brains!

  5. All I can ask is why? Why would you do this? Why stand by and watch the suffering? Why would you not just bring this poor dog who relies on your sorry ass to survive, to a shelter where someone else could give it a home and love? Why? I will never understand people. And if you are going to charge them with cruelty, give them an actual punishment…jail. I don’t want to hear they receive a fine and a slap on the wrist. Let the punishment fit the crime. Make them actually suffer the consequences and be held accountable. These abused animals deserve justice.

  6. Michelle+Harvey says:

    Lock this disgusting bitch up and starve her so she knows what this precious animal went through!!!

  7. Rose Coffey says:

    This gal needs to be placed in some type of mental facility to say the least. Do not let her off easy. She saw with her own eyes what she was doing to this poor dog and she didn’t care. We need to have the same attitude about punishing her – deal it out and we don’t care how much she cries about her sentence.

  8. I’d love to take care of this bitch my way.

  9. I am so sick of reading about all kinds of animal abuse that should NEVER happen in the first place!!!

    Thos BITCH needs to experience exactly the same treatment she gave this puppy. AN EYE FOR AN EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Christian Georgeff says:

    Kill the owner

  12. Tammy Rossetti says:


  13. Brenda Hoover says:

    Please prosecute to the fullest extent of the law

  14. Caireth Johnston says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking – this poor living being was reliant on her – she is clearly a monster and deserves to be locked up for this – this is murder and if she did this to a human being she would be given life

  15. Samina+Araf says:

    Evil vile scum!!! Only one punishment and even that wouldn’t do justice! Put her in a hole in the ground and leave her there till she dies skin and bones!!! Send her to me as I’ll do that with pleasure!!!

  16. Christine Nuttall says:

    I’m so tired of of reading about these disgusting vile human beings. She needs locking away and let animal lovers in jail sort her out. Would love to get my hands on her but that will never happen. Trouble is the law is to lenient and won’t sort these badtards out.

  17. She should be jailed and have to depend on some one to look after her.gee maybe no food or water.I ca not understand why people do these things.people like her should never have children or pets ever.never leave a defenseless person in her care

  18. Leona Norfleet says:

    Please punish this woman for the unbelievably cruel,slow death of this poor dog. She could have taken the poor dog to the animal shelter to provide proper care. So sad!!!!

  19. Take this BITCH and make her pay for all expenses in this case. Then throw her in a cage and let her starve to death. She needs to experience what she did to this poor innocent creature that trusted her with his life.

  20. Deandra Robbins is a CUNT POS that needs to be locked up!!!! Make this CUNT starve like she does to dogs!!!

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