Applaud General Mills for Plan to Switch to Cage-Free Eggs


Target: General Mills Chairman and CEO Kendall J. Powell

Goal: Thank General Mills for announcing that they are working toward using only cage-free eggs in its products.

General Mills is joining a rising number of food manufacturers and retailers by working toward using only cage-free eggs for its products. It’s aiming for this goal after making a public announcement of future plans to become exclusively cage-free. The company that is responsible for everything from cereal to cake mixes has also been working with the Humane Society on its animal welfare policies. General Mills has not set a specific date for the changes because they have not come up with a tentative timeline for their goal.

General Mills cage-free egg goals were announced as part of an update of animal welfare policies for its products. The company uses a lot of eggs because of their baking products including their Betty Crocker cake mixes and Pillsbury dough products. According to news reports, General Mills says that it follows the “five freedoms” for all animals in its supply chain, which include freedom from discomfort, hunger, pain, and fear, and freedom to engage in ordinary patterns of animal behavior.

Animal rights activists have always criticized the cage system. The United States egg industry’s common method is to pack numerous hens in small cages, which gives them almost no room to move. In a cage-free setting, hens are kept indoors, but they have room to walk around and flap their wings.

Please sign this petition to thank General Mills for announcing that they will eventually switch to cage-free eggs for all of its food products.


Dear Kendall J. Powell,

The way the United States handles the production of poultry and eggs has been a huge concern for animal rights activists. Hens are usually kept in really cramped cages and as a result are unable to move. Laying hens are especially susceptible to this method and are usually kept in excessively cramped environments.

It is great news that General Mills has announced that they are going cage-free in the near future. Switching to cage-free eggs will ensure that the hens are engaging in normal animal behavior such as spreading their wings and walking. Although you have not given the public a specific date, we are sure that you will be making the changes to cage-free sooner rather than later.


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  1. I applaud General Mills for its plan to only use cage-free eggs in its products, but if GM really follows its “five freedoms” for all animals in its supply chain, which include freedom from discomfort, hunger, pain, and fear, and freedom to engage in ordinary patterns of animal behavior”, GM will set the specific date to implement its plan ASAP and no longer allow caged hens to suffer one minute longer for the sake of profit.

    As a matter of fact, the hens in its future supply chain should also be allowed to roam free outdoors during the daylight hours and not be kept indoors 24/7 for their entire lives. Hens are living creatures and need what all living creatures need, sunlight and fresh air during the day. After all, healthier hens make healthier eggs!

    • Sue, I couldn’t agree with you more. All livestock deserve respect. Livestock abuse and cruelty has gone on for far too long and it is about time that such wrongdoings were put right. Hens have hearts and feelings and so deserve to be treated with empathy and compassion.

  2. I have signed but I have mixed feelings too. OK so the hens would have a better life on egg farms but let’s start at the beginning – the hatcheries where these hens are born. Only hens lay eggs so egg farms are only interested in hens. Shouldn’t we be questioning what happens to the unfortunate male chicks at the hatcheries?

  3. Heather Brophy says:


  4. Christine Bennett says:

    This is a GREAT START General Mills… I ONLY buy eggs from people I know, who have chickens running free in their backyard.

    When the chickens are ‘off lay’ I do not buy eggs at all. Many people feel strongly enough not to buy produce that causes suffering.

    One step at a time, we are all striving for a better world.

  5. I will NOT sign this petition. “Cage free, free range.” its all a ploy to make those who eat chicken embryos feel better about themselves. There is NOTHING humane about it.

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