Forbid Leaving Animals in Deathly Hot Vehicles


Target: Executive Director and State Veterinarian Dr. Dee Ellis of the Texas Animal Health Commission

Goal: Ban Texas citizens from leaving their pets in hot cars.

Temperatures inside of a hot car can reach as high as 106 degrees, even on a day that’s only 78, and currently Texas does not have any Good Samaritan laws that protect those who attempt to help trapped animals survive. Texas has yet to join the coalition of over 16 other states that have passed a law that forbids pet owners from leaving their dogs in their cars, so there is no legal protection from this animal abuse and possible murder nor any legal support of those attempting to prevent it.

The unfortunately common death of children and animals from heat stroke in a car over a hundred degrees can happen in only minutes. If someone sees a dog on the verge of heat exhaustion or stroke and tries to help it escape, he could face serious state penalties for attempted breaking and entering for the sake of another living being’s life. Tell the Texas Animal Health Commission that the state needs to either legalize the valiant effort of saving a life, or forbid pet owners from leaving their animals to suffer in heat.


Dear Dr. Dee Ellis,

Stories appear in the news every year about infants or dogs that have been killed because of an adult’s negligence in locking them in a hot vehicle. Death from heat stroke can happen in minutes, and many of these cars’ interiors reach into the hundreds of degrees during the summer or even fall. As of now, Texas does not have any law forbidding its pet owners from trapping their animals in their cars for extended periods of time. They do not even have a law that allows a passing Good Samaritan to free a suffering animal without receiving breaking and entering charges.

I am here to ask you to change that. As the Executive Director of the state’s Animal Health Commission, you have the power and authority to make the law against trapping animals in hot vehicles a reality in the state of Texas. Please protect these animals from the possibility of organ failure and death by forbidding this abuse or protecting these animals’ saviors.


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  1. Dumb ass POS people that leave their animals in locked cars should be held accountable for their actions and throw the book at them! You’re killing your family pet you jackass!

  2. The penalties for this heinous crime are way too lenient … and I mean that in regards to leaving children and / or animals in a hot car. Irresponsible individuals who commit this type of atrocity have no business being parents, let alone pet owners. Too many helpless animals and children have died, needlessly, while idiot adults have received little or no punishment. While NOT leaving your pets or children in a hot car SHOULD be a no-brainer, there are too many people who lack a brain !!!

  3. There is no legislating either common sense, intelligence, OR compassion, so unfortunately, we need stiff LAWS to do that work on behalf of those who can’t free themselves from harm. Get WITH it, Texas – your entire State is a testament to some of the very WORST traits of the human race!!!

    • Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

      DM, please don’t judge & condemn only Tx. There are idiots in ALL 50 states who have the worst traits of the human race also. Yes we have lots of idiots here in Tx but believe me, the human race in general all over USA has their share too!

  4. Heather Brophy says:


    • Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

      Heather, there are ignorant idiots in ALL 50 states. Not just here in Tx. Please don’t condemn all of us. I can assure u we are not ALL this way. Trust me, I want to choke out anyone who leaves pets & children in hot cars, no matter where they live or what state they reside.

  5. stop leaving animals in hot cars so they end up dying get a brain protect these animals by bringing in the law not to leave a live animal or child in a car when the temperatures are hot.

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