Rescue Elephant Exploited at Petting Zoo

Elephant by Jim Bowen

Target: The R.W. Commerford Traveling Zoo

Goal: Retire the 46-year-old elephant Beulah who has been used in a petting zoo for nineteen years.

Beulah the elephant has been on the road for more than 19 years traveling with the Commerford Zoo, where at every stop she is forced to have children ride on her back as they kick and prod at her or pull on her sensitive ears. She is over four decades old, and is overweight and unhealthy. The Commerford Zoo has reportedly already been cited by the Department of Agriculture for the mistreatment and abuse of their animals and has a long list of Animal Welfare Act violations in part because of their use of bullhooks, a device used to inflict pain on elephants as a means of obedience and training.

Elephants are incredibly intelligent animals, carrying the largest brain of any mammal. They use tools, have emotions, and mourn the deaths of their loved ones. Keeping intelligent mammals trapped in a traveling amusement park for the entertainment of others is inhumane and wrong. Barnum and Bailey have already agreed to stop using elephants in their circus acts. Tell the R.W. Commerford Zoo to follow this same policy and allow this majestic animal to live out the rest of her life free of unlawful abuse and beatings.


To the Authorizing Associates of the R.W. Commerford Traveling Zoo:

I am extremely offended by your use of elephants in your petting zoo and attractions. Elephants are incredibly intelligent animals that experience both physical and emotional pain, and the use of bullhooks such as the ones you have been reported to be using inflict both of those onto your 46-year-old Beulah. She has been on the road with you for almost twenty years, and now it is time to let her go from your act. She deserves to live out the rest of her life in freedom and peace.

Bullhooks have already been banned by multiple districts and businesses. Barnum and Bailey, a figurehead in the entertainment and circus community, has already agreed to remove elephants from their act completely. I am here to ask you to do the same and make the moral and ethical decision to spare these empathic creatures from further cruelty and exploitation. Elephants have been documented comforting and helping their own in times of stress or need, and we ask you now to do the same. Remove elephants from your collection of animals and let Beulah live comfortably.


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Photo credit: Heather Norwood

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  1. Nena Miller says:

    Yet another victim of human greed and failure by the USDA to protect the rights of these grand animals

  2. Michael ritchie says:

    Enough is enough.

  3. Andrea Mack says:

    So many petitions pleading for better treatment of animals. I mean, who the hell do we think we are? We don’t own them and they are certainly not ours to use and abuse. One day the planet will take revenge for the destruction we have caused. And it’s going to be no more than we deserve!

  4. retire Beulah the 46 year old elephant that has been on the road for 19 years travelling with a god forsaken zoo and replace her with a bloke, cruel Bastards you do not deserve animals in your country

  5. Viviane Lavallee says:

    Please do the right thing release her now !!!!

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