Stop Marine Habitats From Becoming World’s Trash Bin

Target: Pirkka Tapiola, Chair of United Nations Environment Programme

Goal: Commit to reducing plastic pollution on global level.

Nearly ninety percent of water-dwelling organisms have suffered under the scourge of plastic invading oceans, rivers, and more. In just a few decades, these dangerous materials will likely quadruple in the oceans because of unrestrained human waste. As a result, marine animals will continue to choke, suffocate, and be poisoned by this garbage. Some of these already-endangered species will never recover.

A key meeting of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) recently concluded with an agreement to work on a treaty concerning plastic pollution. At its best, the treaty could serve as an important benchmark of goals similar to the Paris Climate Accord that pledges countries worldwide to slash greenhouse gas emissions. One proposal put forth for the treaty would likewise commit nations to drastically reducing production of plastic from its current staggering rate of 350-plus million tons annually. This resolution has the backing of many influential businesses. Some countries, however, do not want to make this commitment and instead want to focus only on recycling and other incremental measures. The UNEA has also given itself two years before even producing a final treaty.

Sign the petition below to stress to these global leaders that time is of the essence and that the world needs a comprehensive, full-measure plastics treaty now.


Dear Mr. Tapiola,

Actions speak louder than words. The recent proposition of a global treaty to reduce plastic production is a good start, but this pledge must be backed by a complete, enforceable plan. Please honor the commitment to tackle plastic reduction throughout the entire life-cycle. Moreover, make the commitments put forth in the final treaty legally binding so that they are more than hollow, empty promises.

And most importantly, please speed up the timeline for a final treaty. By 2050, plastic trash in marine habitats is expected to quadruple. Microplastics strewn throughout the atmosphere pose a clear and present danger to the health of land-dwellers as well. Every year, month, day, and hour without firm dedication to stop the plastic onslaught is a lost moment where millions of living beings are at dire risk. This treaty deserves urgency.

Do not let species from the essential plankton to the magnificent beluga whale disappear forever.


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Photo Credit: Marta Ortigosa 


  1. This is a world problem! Climate is a world problem too! Plastics does nothing but make money and leave the trash behind. Plastic is killing our world, our animals, our oceans and us and they are doing it right in front of our eyes. Plastics has no regard for life, except their own. They care little for anything in and of the world except money. Governments could stop this. Governments could force the industry to clean up most of the mess. I think all governments are impotent and make no effort as world leaders are too busy shoveling in lobbyists money into their own pockets. Is there no country willing to ban with a few others to curb, or better to end, this plastic problem?

  2. The UN always talks out of both sides of their collective mouth. Canning the UN itself would be a far smarter move.

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