Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Pigs in Tiny Metal Cages

Target: Chris Kempczinski, McDonald’s U.S. President

Goal: Ban the use of gestation crates for pregnant pigs on McDonald’s supply farms.

Pigs are among the world’s most intelligent mammals. They are highly social, form close bonds with people and other animals, and possess strong maternal instincts. Still, pigs are subjected to gross mistreatment on factory farms each and every day. Female pigs, or sows, are viewed by the industry as “breeding machines” and are expected to produce upwards of 20-40 piglets a year, with little to no recovery time in between litters. To make matters worse, pregnant pigs are often confined to what is known as a gestation crate– a restrictive metal enclosure not large enough for pigs to even turn around in. These crates prohibit pigs from engaging in natural social behaviors and, in turn, cause severe physical and emotional duress. The stress combined with an overall lack of movement results in a series of health problems, such as tooth damage from excessive chewing and weakened joints. These problems typically go undiagnosed and pigs rarely receive proper treatment.

Though banned in several states and countries like the UK and Sweden, gestation crates are still entirely legal throughout much of the U.S. and are used by some of the nation’s largest and most powerful food corporations. Carl Icahn, a shareholder of the McDonald’s franchise, just recently lost his fight to improve the welfare standards of pigs on McDonald’s supply farms. Icahn claims that, although McDonald’s had previously committed to the banning the use of gestation crates for pregnant pigs by 2022, no such actions have been taken.

Sign this petition to urge the president of McDonald’s to follow through with their promised ban of gestation crates on McDonald’s supply farms.


Dear President Kempczinski,

Pigs on factory farms everywhere suffer from many sources of neglect, all in the name of human consumption. Female pigs, in particular, are heavily exploited by current industrial farming practices. Female pigs on factory farms are repeatedly artificially impregnated and are forced to reside in small metal chambers– known as gestation crates– throughout the duration of their pregnancies. These pigs, which bear the next generation of meat for yours’ and other companies, are unable to even turn around or walk much more than a few steps in these crates. They live atop their own filth and disease runs rampant among them due to their close confines. Oftentimes, these pigs will develop health problems, such as arthritis, as a result of their inability to move or use their joints. The lack of stimulation and socialization for these intelligent animals causes severe emotional stress, which typically also has physical ramifications– neither of which receive treatment.

We must do better to protect the mothers of our Earth. If big corporations, such as McDonald’s, make changes in gestation crate policies, perhaps others will follow in your footsteps. Several other countries and multiple states have already banned this cruel practice in an attempt to improve animal welfare standards on their own farms. So we are asking you, Mr. Kempczinski, to please follow through with your company’s promise to ban the use of gestation crates on McDonald’s supply farms once and for all. The pigs deserve better.


[Your Name here]

Photo Credit: Humane Society


  1. Paula+Long says:

    Animals raised for food should be treated humanely have plenty of room to roam. That’s the least we could do for them. One of the reasons I eat very little poultry or pork.

    • Not judging but i stopped eating meat altogether. Been vegetarian for years.

      • Naila M Johnston says:

        God bless you both!!

      • Gilda Provenzano.

        I have been vegetarian for years.

        The unimaginable torture suffering and an excruciting agonising death the precious and innocent sentient beings endure to feed the vile and evil lowlife human race absolutely sickens me.

    • No animal should be like you say “raised for food ” should be brutalized and murdered for human consumption. I have a pig and he is just as intelligent as you or me. He knows what kindness is all about. I am a nurse and animals have the same emotions just like us. Did you know back in the caveman days we murdered other humans to eat? It’s sickening and barbaric to murder any living being for food. Period! We bleed the same color red. We all feel pain all of the above. We’re all God’s creatures big and small. Think about it.

    • Animals are not food.

  2. GO VEGAN and this animal hell will end!
    VEGAN LIFESTYLE is the only ethical lifestyle because it’s environmentally friendly, healthy and totally CRUELTY FREE!!!
    Everything else is hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. Pigs, sheep, chickens, cows etc have exactly the same physical and emotional needs as your cat and dog. Why do you love your dog and pay for bestial and sadistic mistreatment of other animals? There is NOTHING “humane” in the slaughter-industries. Animal life is bred and born for one purpose only – to be bestially murdered for profit.
    This is what humans call the “joy of eating”…SICK to the core.
    1 BILLION land animals are sadistically killed EVERY SINGLE DAY, globally, to feed egoistic, selfish and ignorant humans! The meat-industry is a huge business where animals have been turned into worthless commodities! And you support it, you “good and decent” man??? Our planet is veiled in screams and blood of non-human sentient beings who want to live, just like YOU and ME!
    Ditch meat and start living an intelligent and compassionate VEGAN lifestyle.

  3. Rhonda Jones says:

    This is not the way God intended animals to be raised for food. They are crammed in small cages, can’t move, no sun light or grass to roll on. Very cruel and inhumane to treat these mama pigs or any animal this way. Humans should be ashamed of themselves. End this cruel act.


  5. Joyce O'Mall says:

    Quit eating meat!!!

  6. Joseph Kenosky says:

    Anyone that takes part I. This horrendous treatment should be euthanized.

  7. Bruce Ames says:

    Repulsive motherfuckers. I have a bullet for every animal abusing cunt.


  9. Laura Rolder says:

    This is so cruel and inhumane. No animal should be caged in this manner. They should be able to roam free. It’s the least you could do before you murder these innocent animals.

  10. We call ourselves “Human” but in reality our species as a whole, are the most inhumane creatures that have ever lived on our planet. I wonder how people would feel if they spent their whole lives in cages, doomed to watch their offspring taken from them and murdered, forced to reproduce endlessly, while waiting for their own eventual slaughter? We call ourselves “Human” but in reality our species as a whole, are the most inhumane creatures of all. McDonald’s should show this reality in a commercial while their “I’m loving it” jingle plays.


    A TINY CAGE???

  13. Animals are not food u fucking idiots

  14. American Girl says:

    This is horrific! You should see in Costa Rica they use cows from over there and the cruelty is beyond measure. Boycott McDonalds because this asshole is NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING!!!
    It is up to US!

  15. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    This is unacceptable & This Vile Abuser needs 2 be put in a tiny cage.

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