Dog Slammed Onto Sidewalk and Kicked by Unknown Perpetrator Deserves Justice

Target: Karl Racine, Attorney General for Washington, D.C.

Goal: Seek maximum penalty in case of brutal dog beating.

Several video doorbells in the Washington, D.C. area captured a horrific act of animal cruelty. The collective footage shows an unidentified person throwing a defenseless dog hard into a sidewalk. As if this brutal act were not enough, the person can then be seen dragging the stunned dog along the path while kicking the animal.

Authorities are working to identify the assailant. They are gathering leads from the neighborhoods where the attack reportedly took place. The president of the local Humane Rescue Alliance said of the incident: “as a humane community we can have zero tolerance for despicable violence toward animals, and we intend to fight cruelty wherever it exists.”

Sign the petition below to urge legal leaders to take a similar zero-tolerance approach when a suspect is apprehended.


Dear Mr. Racine,

Home surveillance cameras are intended to help stop impending crimes, but in a DC neighborhood these devices recently recorded a crime in action. An unidentified suspect was caught on video manhandling, kicking, and dragging a dog along a sidewalk. The fate of this animal is unknown, but if a blatant act of cruelty is taking place in full view it does not bode well if the dog is regularly under this person’s care.

Please keep in contact with authorities and be prepared to bring full charges after a person of interest is identified.


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Photo Credit: Blue Bird


  1. I’m very disturbed by most of these comments. You realize that saying the abuser should suffer the same abuse – or worse -makes you no different than him. You are promoting violence and I find it sickening. You are no different than the abusers. Saying that DC is a sewer is ridiculous and insulting to everyone who lives there. Every city has good and bad. Yes, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. If laws are lax, work towards changing them. These comments need to be moderated. It looks bad on that the site allows these kinds of violent comments.

    • Johnny K. says:

      What do you think we ought to do to the sonofabitch that tortured this dog? Give him a key to the city and free meals at a 5 Star restaurant for a year. I can come up with a hundred ways to make this bastard suffer. Do you think being nice to these kinds of people are going to change their behavior? If you do, then you’re more of a moron than I already think you are. Make him feel extreme pain in every part of his body and I’ll guarantee you that he will change his behavior. Personally speaking, I would much rather see him dead.

    • lisa black says:

      Really Joann? We’er suppose to understand this monster?Be fair? Moderate our comments?Was this evil monster fair to this innocent dog? Do you also defend child or spousal abuse?It seems that you’re supporting this dog abusing monster! If you’re not totally disgusted by this animal abuse then I think you need to examine your own moral character and quit judging good kind people who care!I really hope you’re not in law enforcement,a lawyer, a judge,or have children or pets,If you’re going to give the Criminals the benefit of the doubt!

      know this monster? We sh

    • Mary Mann says:

      Many people including myself are animal lovers and react to this abuse in a very heated and angry way. The animals are 100% innocent. People who sign these petitions are sick and tired of signing petitions. Justice should be quick and fit the crime which many see as eye for an eye. I realize this is not the law but perhaps it should be.

    • Donna Ross says:

      Obviously, JoAnn Thissen-you are emotionally unattached when it comes to animal cruelty / abuse! To those who find animal cruelty unacceptable behavior, your attitude is calculating and disgusting!!
      Personally, I am very emotional when it comes to cruelty to the innocent and fully understand these comments that you are belittling in your high and mighty comment! FYI some of these comments come from people that love and have a heart when it comes to protecting animals!!! Get help!!

    • JoAnn… ‘people’ like this can’t be fixed. I say once we catch them and lock them up, throw away the key and let them go at each other. It’ll save the animals, in additon to saving taxpayer dollars.

  2. Torah Wolf says:

    This man should go to jail for a very long time pay a lot of money and be made a pedophile to not be able to go around any animals or own any animals for the rest of his entire life he is cruel evil and an abomination to his holy father.

    • Jacqueline A says:

      It’s worse than I thought!! This monster needs to be caught right away! I can’t believe he lifted that little dog above his evil head before he slammed him to the ground and it looks like he’s 6 feet tall. It looks like he’s in a distinctive periwinkle blue raincoat type jacket.

  3. This poor dog needs justice. That monster deserves the same abuse!

  4. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m so sorry that this poor, innocent dog was subjected to this cruelty. I hope this wasn’t at the hands of the pet parent. I hope the barbaric piece of slime that did this is caught ASAP and severely punished. I hope this innocent fur baby is rescued, recovers and gets justice.

  5. Too much animal abuse, and laws not sufficient to tackle it. Until it becomes a priority, it will continue to get worse. We need a national registry (same as pedophiles) so no matter where the perps move to, it follows them. Let everyone know who they are. Jail time and heavy fines and most importantly, ban those for life from owning animals, for those who are found guilty.

  6. They must find the inhumane coward and prosecuted his/her sorry pathetic ass!! Enough of this brutality towards innocent animals!! Banned this inhumane cowards from owning animals or be near one 🤬

  7. Nancy Wilsonhagen says:

    I’m sorry and I’m not a violent person but I wish laws were stronger and that this bastard gets equal punishment. The Bible says an eye for an eye. He should never ever be allowed to own or be around animals ever again. A good pistol whipping wouldn’t hurt.

  8. Linda+Kozak says:

    Do the same to this monster POS animal abuser! Why would anyone purposely hurt an innocent pup? Only an evil monster filled with hatred!

  9. You have to be.a sick piece of crap to do this to a poor defenseless baby. I just don’t understand what some low life is thinking when they do something like this. Very pathetic. I hope they catch the one responsible and do the same to them.

  10. this has become the world we live in when scumbags like this jerk and others do these things so they get likes on twitter, face book, tick tock and some of the other sites that these bottom feeders use. until people start ignore these morons it will never stop. in response to Joann, i think your attitude would be much different if it were your pet or a member of your family. remember these people can’t be rehabilitated and eventually graduate to humans. so the blood you shed from your bleeding heart is being wasted on a non deserving slime bag!

  11. barry farley says:

    I’m so sick and tired of reading about these vicious acts of animal cruelty to these helpless animals that can’t defend or speak up for themselves. These vicious sobs should receive life in prison or give them the death penalty. i believe that would be their just punishment and not just a slap on the wrist. It is about time that our worthless government change the laws and defend these helpless animals and not hide under their pillows and squirm to the needs of the criminals. they don’t belong on the face of the earth.

  12. Adrienne+Kaiser says:

    This sort of behavior has got to be stopped!! Animal cruelty is happening all to frequently because the crime is NOT being pursued and punished to the fullest extent of the law like it should be. Animals are voiceless, so it is up to us to be their voice. Animals feel pain. They depend on us to protect them and meet their basic everyday needs. It has been proven that those who hurt animals will hurt people. Stop this madness NOW!!

  13. What a ‘sick’ human being torturing,and probably having killed this defenseless dog. He/she deserves the SAME treatment. I totally disagree with JoAnn Thissen.

  14. Sungoes yang says:

    To say I’m fed up
    With reading reports of animal abuse OVER & OVER AGAIN & AGAIN is an understatement. Almost all
    Cases involve men. They prey on the vulnerable
    Populations. Very disturbing. This pig needs locked up forever with NO food or water or heat or blankets. Good riddance to human rot like this

  15. Sungoes yang says:

    To say I’m fed up
    With reading reports of animal abuse OVER & OVER AGAIN & AGAIN is an understatement. Almost all
    Cases involve men. They prey on the vulnerable
    Populations. Very disturbing. This pig needs locked up forever with NO food or water or heat or blankets. Good riddance to human rot like this

  16. p.pucher says:

    Put the perps ass in jail. Find him and charge him!!!!

  17. My God, if someone could do something so bad in public, imagine what the poor dog is treated behind closed doors. Please find who did this and get that poor animal away from him forever!

  18. So sick of signing these things. I need some follow up. Does anything ever happen to these SOBs if they are cought? What the hell is wrong with a justice system that lets these people of with minor consequences?

    He must also be forbidden from owning, or coming near animals again!

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