Dog Slammed Onto Sidewalk and Kicked by Unknown Perpetrator Deserves Justice

Target: Karl Racine, Attorney General for Washington, D.C.

Goal: Seek maximum penalty in case of brutal dog beating.

Several video doorbells in the Washington, D.C. area captured a horrific act of animal cruelty. The collective footage shows an unidentified person throwing a defenseless dog hard into a sidewalk. As if this brutal act were not enough, the person can then be seen dragging the stunned dog along the path while kicking the animal.

Authorities are working to identify the assailant. They are gathering leads from the neighborhoods where the attack reportedly took place. The president of the local Humane Rescue Alliance said of the incident: “as a humane community we can have zero tolerance for despicable violence toward animals, and we intend to fight cruelty wherever it exists.”

Sign the petition below to urge legal leaders to take a similar zero-tolerance approach when a suspect is apprehended.


Dear Mr. Racine,

Home surveillance cameras are intended to help stop impending crimes, but in a DC neighborhood these devices recently recorded a crime in action. An unidentified suspect was caught on video manhandling, kicking, and dragging a dog along a sidewalk. The fate of this animal is unknown, but if a blatant act of cruelty is taking place in full view it does not bode well if the dog is regularly under this person’s care.

Please keep in contact with authorities and be prepared to bring full charges after a person of interest is identified.


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Photo Credit: Blue Bird


  1. Andrew Lewis says:


  2. Ashley Swinney says:

    Anyone who has to feel powerful by abusing an innocent animal is the worst kind of coward. They are controlled by impulsive rage and lack empathy. People who lack empathy are dangerous psychopaths who almost always graduate to hurting people. It’s irresponsible and immoral to leave them in society.

    • Christine Vigneri says:

      I totally agree.

    • Well put. No heart, no brain, no soul, no use for an abuser to go on living.

    • Well said.

    • I would like just 10 minutes with this arrogant and cowardly fucker to show him what pain was all about.

      The bastard would be screaming for me to end his life!!

      Please understand that I am a normal happy living person until I come across fuckers like these!
      This arsehole needs seven barrels of shit kicking out of him and more until he is yelling for mercy, of which he would get none!
      These These tossers need teaching a severe lesson that they would never forget for the rest of their miserable lives.

      Jon W.

  3. Piece of shit needs to be found and hung

  4. Manon Hanewich says:

    Repulsive! Poor animal probably has been beaten its entire life. How can a person feel so inhumane against a defenseless animal. I pray they find him and remove this dog away from him, if he hasn’t already beaten it to death. Ass####

    • Andrea Marion Hansley says:

      does anyone with the ring videos recognize this person or dog? I want him found so someone can kick the shit out of him!

  5. Mike Castoldi says:

    This motherfucker should DIE!!! Prayers this poor puppy is OK 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻



  7. Monica+Lee+Koski says:

    Just another case of a sadistic animal abuser…It is way past time to implement a zero tolerance approach to animal abusers! So glad the monster was set caught on video…now make it a priority to identify, charge, and prosecute the monstrous animal abuser to the max, and enforce a lifetime ban from the monster ever being allowed around another animal. Plus, please do everything to locate and determine the location and condition of the poor dog!

  8. Debra Spurrier says:

    I seriously doubt this is the first time this POS has done this. And even if the POS is caught, there will be no justice for this poor dog. Never is the justice when the victim is a nonhuman. Never. Our laws are a joke when it comes to protecting the other animals on this planet. So another day, another petition to sign to try to get a pittance of justice for yet another innocent victim. So many animals out there are at the mercy of these sociopathic pieces of human sh*t-

  9. Rose Coffey says:

    I so hope this creep is found and punished severely. I am so worried about the dog; this poor animal.

  10. This a–hole needs to be paid back with the same kind of treatment and then put in prison.

  11. Andrea Marion Hansley says:

    is the dog ok?

  12. Yet another worthless human. May he be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law…and a few kicks wouldn’t be unjustified either. Plus, NEVER allowed to own an animal or be around animals EVER AGAIN!

  13. C. Davis says:

    Can we PLEASE find a way to STOP animal cruelty and abuse ?? Innocent animals are suffering every day from animal abusers and NOTHING is being done! START GIVING THE MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT SO INNOCENT ANIMALS WHO CAN’T PROTECT THEMSELVES, DON’T SUFFER AT THE HANDS OF EVIL HUMANS !!!!

  14. While I fully condemn the cowardly act of abusing the dog,I can’t ignore the ABUSE of the unborn human being that is innocent in EVERY way. Save a tree, save an animal…but it’s perfectly fine and accepted to KILL a human baby 👶!?!?!?
    More than 60 million in the United States alone…and still counting. Wake up and just TRY to see and understand the correlation I am attempting to illustrate here. 🤞💥👍🍀

    • Cathy Sunshine says:

      No one is saying that’s ok. This is a petition sight for animals. If it was a baby we would all sign just as fast.this is not a debate.

  15. Cathy Sunshine says:

    Piece of shit . They need to charge him and put his ass in jail and tell all the other inmates what he did. An eye for an eye.

  16. Cathy Sunshine says:

    Keep watch where it happened he probably walks him around that area.

  17. Kudos to the town officials for pursuing this unspakable abuse. THIS MUTANT MUST BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW!!

  18. When you find this subhuman SOB. Do the same to him with a wrecking ball. He will NEVER do it again. Prayers this poor innocent dog will be found. His next victim will be a human.

  19. Nadine brundage says:

    Just another demented piece of shit who needs to be placed in a mental institution. So many nut cases walking the planet who abuse innocent animals. This scum needs someone to give him the same treatment he gave that dog. Find this creep , if that poor dog is in his possession who knows what he’s doing behind closed doors.


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