33 Dogs and Two Children Reportedly Found With Guns, Drugs, Dog-Fighting Equipment, and No Food Deserve Justice

Target: State Attorney, Bruce Bartlett, Pinellas and Pasco Counties
Goal: Prosecute man accused of abusing 33 pit bulls and two children to the fullest extent of the law.

Thirty-three pit bulls, including multiple puppies, and two children, were reportedly rescued from a terrifying home that had guns, drugs, and no food. The man accused of this horrible abuse has been arrested and is facing possible prosecution. We are asking the prosecutor to pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

According to reports, law enforcement responded to the man’s home after they received a complaint about dogs barking at the residence. When deputies arrived at the home, they reportedly discovered countless handmade kennels in the backyard, dog-fighting equipment, guns, ammo, and cocaine. And what they didn’t find, apparently, was food for the children.

The two children, both younger than 14, were apparently in the home without food or supplies. Authorities confiscated all of the dogs, placed the children in protective services, and arrested the man suspected to be responsible for this alleged abuse.

The suspect has been charged with three dozen crimes, including felony child neglect, aggravated cruelty to animals, animal cruelty, cocaine possession and felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. Unfortunately, bail was set at $157,000, but so far, the accused has been unable to post it. Justice must be served in this case.


Dear State Attorney, Bruce Bartlett,

A man was recently arrested in your jurisdiction for the alleged abuse of 33 dogs and 2 children. According to reports, deputies responded to the man’s house after they received a noise complaint. Upon investigation, they apparently discovered evidence of dog-fighting, illegal weapons and drugs, and two children without food or supplies.

If the above allegations are true, this man should face a very lengthy prison sentence. Animal abuse and child abuse are some of the most serious crimes, and are often taken too lightly by prosecuting attorneys. Don’t allow this man to get away with these alleged crimes. Please seek the maximum penalty in this case.

[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Ashley Swinney says:

    Great job there law enforcement!

  2. Renee Lash says:

    Punished to the full extent of the law and plus

  3. He needs a long jail sentence no parole ever. Z

  4. Death for this evil mentally deranged animal abusing scumbag is essential!

  5. Adrienne+Kaiser says:

    Children and animals are two of the most vulnerable beings in society. They can not defend themselves against evil people. It is up to prosecutors and judges to protect them and to keep cruelly and abuse from happening to other children and animals by enforcing the laws to the fullest extent and not accepting a plea deal!! It is obvious, with the numbers of repeat offenders, that a slap on the wrist does not keep criminals from from committing the same types of crimes. Judges and prosecutors are just as guilty of the crime if they do not pursue, convict, and give harsh sentences to the scum that commit crimes against children and animals. Be the voice of defenseless children and animals, for thy can not defend themselves…😭


  7. If you have the senses that enable you to feed yourself and make sure you have the means to do so, then, your faculties are basically in tact to sustain your own life. Given that, you therefore know what your requirements are to do this so, there is no justifiable excuse for doing what youve done. You’re guilty, end of.

  8. Johnny K. says:

    Why do people want to pussy foot around an issue like this? Fine him, give him jail time, don’t let him own any more animals, punish him to the full extent of the law? Fuck all of that! Put a .45 slug behind his ear into his brain and turn the mother-fucker into worm food. Now THAT will take care of the problem permanetly. Does anyone out there want to see this done besides me? There is no reason to deal with scum like him. Just kill the sonofabitch and you’ll never have to worry about him abusing or killing another precious animal. So, come on now, you bleeding heart liberals. Tell me I’m wrong to want this done. If you don’t want it done, then don’t whine when animal abusers continue to hurt and kill animals.

    • Anita Yott says:


    • Good on you Jonny K.
      The only thing that I would alter in your message would be to ‘kneecap’ this fucker first and make him suffer like he did to the children and animals.
      We do not need bastards like this on the planet and the only sensible way to do this is to terminate their miserable lives.
      The law needs to give maximum sentence to this tosser and it would be nice to know if other prisoners would show him the error of his ways.
      Jonny W.

  9. Johnny K. says:

    Kill the sonofabitch. Oh, that’s right, we can’t do that. Bleeding hearts won’t let us do it. That’s why this shit continues to go on. You could make an example of a few dog torturers by executing them and saving thousands of dogs and cats lives but I guess it’s better to let thousands of animals be tortured or starved to death than for a few pieces of shit human beings to be killed. Can’t let that happen. Bleeding hearts would have a hissy fit. Yet, they will come on sites like this and scream that the perpetrators should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, which is a fuckin’ joke because the authorities and the judges will just give them a slap on the wrist like they always do. So, every day we have to come on sites like this and hear and read about atrocities that are committed on helpless and defenseless animals and nothing meaningful will ever get done. There is only one thing that animals abusers will understand right before they should die and that would be a bullet to the head and turn them into worm food. Now that would be true justice.

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