Stop the Unjust Capture of a Mother Brown Bear

brown bear family

Target: Trentino, Italy’s Vice President Alessandro Olivi

Goal: Save a mother brown bear from being unjustly captured and possibly killed

A brown bear mother is being hunted in the forests of Trentino, Italy because she reportedly attacked a man who ventured too close to her cubs. It is widely known that mother bears are extremely protective and will most likely act if a human comes too close to her precious babies, but the vice president of Trentino is portraying her as an overall threat to public safety and calling for her demise.

Despite Northern Italy’s highly successful brown bear recovery program that strives to protect rare brown bears, Vice President Alessandro Olivi has ordered the capture of a mother bear known as Daniza. He has stated her capture is necessary “for the sake of public safety,” going on to say if she poses a danger to any of her hunters, her life would “be at risk.” Daniza is being unjustly persecuted for attacking a man scavenging for mushrooms near her cubs. It is considered public knowledge that mother bears will almost always act to protect their cubs if a human comes too close. Daniza’s actions do not make her a public threat or especially dangerous; she was simply behaving like any mother bear would under those circumstances.

Further, environmentalists from World Wildlife Fund Italia are saying if Daniza is captured, it would be a “historic defeat” of the brown bear recovery program, which involved the import of ten brown bears from Slovenia. Not only will Daniza probably be killed during her capture for attempting to defend herself, her cubs will be left motherless and must struggle to survive on their own. Not only is this a tragic way of ripping an innocent family of bears apart, it is a huge step backward in the years of progress the recovery program has made since 1999.

Urge Vice President Olivi to immediately call off the hunt for Daniza and instead work to raise awareness about bear safety in Trentino’s forests to protect the safety of bears and humans alike.


Dear Vice President Olivi,

I am writing to you about your decision to have a mother brown bear known as Daniza captured and removed from the forests of Trentino. While I understand this is an attempt to protect the safety of humans, I believe that her capture is unnecessary in this situation and will do great harm to the brown bear recovery program, Life Ursus.

It is widely known that mother bears will usually instinctually act to protect their cubs if a human comes too close to her precious babies. While I sympathize with the man Daniza attacked, she responded like most mother bears would under the circumstances and does not deserve to be persecuted as a result. Her actions do not indicate she is an especially dangerous bear or a threat to public safety as you have called her in a public statement. In addition, if Daniza is captured and her cubs forced to survive on their own, it would destroy the years of progress of Life Ursus and negate the efforts of the environmentalists who worked to import brown bears to the region.

I urge you to reconsider your decision to have Daniza captured and protect the public by raising awareness about bear safety in the region; show compassion to this mother brown bear and call off the hunt for her.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: beingmyself via Flickr

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  1. Leave wild animals alone and let them be in the wild.
    Free this poor bear mother.Human breed is the most cruel on this planet.

  2. People just can’t leave anything alone. Get a grip and go away, yes, far away as you are able to.

  3. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    When I read things like this I lose my ability to BREATHE!!!! What is wrong with the vile human race?!?!

  4. Sam Outhorn says:

    Absurd, and very cruel!

  5. Emily March says:

    Public safety? What about the safety of the bears then? It’s their park after all, their territory and their cubs: they are supposed to defend the lot. – Maybe educate the public that tiny bit more I’d say: always useful!

  6. Alice Ahern says:

    If he went foraging without a dog with him to alert him to
    just such situations then he was remiss and brought about his own harm. The bear was doing only what is natural and to be expected during bear cub season.

  7. Cecily Colloby says:


  8. SHE WAS ONLY PROTECTING HER CUBS !!!! Please stop the hunt now

  9. jaclyn bisanz says:

    come on people, clearly this mother bear was just trying to protect her babies. I understand that it was tragic what happened to the human involved, but thats why we need to put into place a policy, a go-to procedure that people need to follow when encountering wild animals.

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