Man Accused of Violently Beating Dog For Eating His Lunch Must be Punished

Target: Florida State Attorney Amira D. Fox
Goal: Vigorously prosecute man accused of beating his dog for eating his food.

A man was caught on video appearing to violently beat his dog in the back of a car. According to reports, the man attacked his dog because the animal ate some of his lunch.

Luckily, the suspect was apprehended when deputies, who were at the gas station interviewing witnesses, noticed the man return to the scene in the same car with his girlfriend.

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Marcus Chiddister was arrested and is accused of beating his dog, a 2-year-old pit bull named Sheeba. According to the local Sheriff, the suspect has been arrested 45 times in his 22 years of life.

According to the suspect’s girlfriend, this was not the first time that the man had beaten poor Sheeba.

Authorities went to the suspect’s home and took possession of Sheeba. She was taken to Lee County Domestic Animal Services where it was apparently determined that the dog had sustained “non-accidental” injuries.

Police say that the suspect claimed he was hitting cockroaches in the back of his car and not his dog.


Dear State Attorney Amira D. Fox

A man named Marcus Chiddister is accused of violently attacking his dog, a 2-year-old pitbull named Sheeba. Video captured at the scene appears to show the suspect beating the poor dog in the back seat of his car.

According to reports, police interviewed the man’s girlfriend, who positively identified the subject in the video. Apparently, she also indicated that the suspect has similarly beaten Sheeba in the past.

Animal abuse is a serious crime that is often under-punished. We ask that you vigorously prosecute this disturbing case and seek the maximum penalty under the law.

[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lee County Clerk of Courts


  1. ellen giammarino munoz says:

    Arrest this cretin and charge him to the fullest extent of the law

  2. He needs to be punished he looks like he’s way out in Neverland. This precious animal which is so innocent didn’t deserve this. Animals are God’s creations and they surely don’t deserve this. We’ve got to help this precious animals and get them living homes and where they won’t have to live in danger. Stop the abuse NOW.

  3. Lawrence Holtzman says:

    Just one look at this assholes face tells it all. What a seriously deranged non-human!!!

  4. Arrested 45 times in 22 years of life. That says it all. Not only is this person a POS the justice system is enabling him and all animal abusers. Time to start asking any of your representatives where they stand on animal abuse. Let the various governments know this is a serious thing.

  5. Arrested 45 times. Monstrous tattoos on his face. Vacant eyes. Animal abuse. This guy is a time bomb. His girlfriend has serious issues if she’s with such a freak. It’s guys like this who’ll one day snap and go on a killing spree. The red flags are all there.

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