Stop Killing Bobcats for Fur Coats

Almost hunted into extinction for their fur, international laws helped the bobcat recover.  Now, the Governor of Illinois wants to hunt them again.

Target: Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

Goal: Stop the senseless persecution and slaughter of bobcats.

The hunting and trapping of Bobcats has become legal for the first time in 40 years due to a bill pushed through the Illinois legislature. These beautiful animals were once extremely plentiful throughout the North American continent, but were slaughtered in such numbers that they were nearly driven to extinction. No one can claim to be tracking these cats for their meat because they are relatively small animals that weigh only 20 to 30 pounds. These animals are tracked solely for their coats which can fetch good prices when sold as pelts.

It isn’t just that bobcats are hunted as trophies–it’s how they are hunted that’s especially disturbing. Bobcats are chased by packs of dogs until they’re cornered or shot off the branch of a tree. However, if the bobcat attempts to defend itself, a ferocious battle can ensue that ends up with both injury and death to the bobcat and/or the animals chasing it.

Bobcats can also be trapped with leg-holds made of steel. When an animal is caught in one of these traps, they’ve been known to chew off a limb in an effort to free themselves, which is why these devices are outlawed in many countries.

There is no good reason to persecute the bobcat. There are very few, if any, conflicts between bobcats and humans. There’s no threat to public safety. Bobcats are only hunted as trophies so someone can wear their fur. Once plentiful throughout almost all of North America, Bobcats were nearly eliminated until they received protection in the 1970’s under the Endangered Species Act. Today, their numbers have stabilized, but that doesn’t mean we should start hunting them into extinction again. Tell the Illinois governor not to allow for the hunting of bobcats.


Dear Governor Rauner,

There is no good reason to be hunting the bobcat. Bobcats don’t threaten humans. There’s no public safety issue and no one eats them. Bobcats are hunted so they can be worn and they’ve been nearly hunted into extinction in the past. When Bobcats are hunted, they’re either chased by packs of dogs, shot out of trees or trapped with steel leg-holds. The senseless persecution, torture and slaughter of bobcats is inexcusable.

Bobcats were nearly eliminated in North America until they received protection under the Endangered Species Act. Their numbers have stabilized, but that doesn’t mean we should be hunting them again and flirting with the possibility we could eliminate them. Stop persecuting the bobcat.


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Photo Credit: Linda Tanner

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  1. You are a pathetic piece of equipment letting bob cats be hunted again and for what ? BASTARDS

  2. Nena Miller says:

    We bring them back from being endangered to kill them?

  3. what is the reason for hunting bob cats when they do not harm anybody you should not be hunting them or persecuting them like you do every animal you can

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