Justice for Deer Reportedly Held Captive Inside Home

griffin-creek-buck-by Derek-Severson

Target: Director of West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Robert Fala

Goal: Issue the maximum punishment possible to the man who allegedly held deer captive in his home for a year

A man was reportedly charged with holding two deer captive inside his home in West Virginia. Police posted a statement on Facebook saying the two bucks had been there for at least a year. Thankfully, the poor deer were set free.

Wildlife require special care that humans simply aren’t capable of providing. Deer were never meant to be held hostage indoors and used as pets. It’s likely that the two bucks suffered since they weren’t used to humans or being confined. Holding them captive put their lives (and the man’s) in danger. These bucks were suddenly prevented from roaming free and were forced to live their lives in confined spaces with humans. This type of crime should be unacceptable.

It’s illegal to confine wildlife in West Virginia. Please ask the Division of Natural Resources to make sure this man is charged with animal abuse and punished appropriately.


Dear Robert Fala, Director of West Virginia Division of Natural Resources,

Two bucks were allegedly removed from their natural habitat and held captive inside a home for at least a year. The bucks have since been set free to finally get back to living the life they deserve, but they deserve justice and protection from people like this. We urge you to make sure this selfish man never considers committing this crime again by ensuring that he receives the maximum punishment possible.


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Photo credit: Derek Severson

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  1. I hope you will give this PRAT the worst punishment youn can after he held those 2 Deer in captivity for over 2 years.

  2. I’ll not sign this one either….. What were the circumstances that caused him to confine the deer to begin with? Were they ill, injured, or threatened? Could they have died without his help? How old were the deer? Orphaned? I agree that close confinement was ill advised; the deer could have injured themselves or their keeper. If the pictured buck is one of the captives, he looks very well fed, at least. And not too frantic to run from the human surroundings. When released, will they now allow humans to approach and probably kill them? So many variables; too many unanswered questions. Warn the man about doing this again, but turn away if the deer chose to stay near him from now on…… He may be their best hope, doing the HUMANE thing!

  3. Oh yes….. If it is “illegal to confine wildlife in WVa”, Wouldn’t this also apply to nearly every zoo, primate farm, “testing” lab, roadside exhibit. etc? Apparently he did no physical harm to the animals, so that’s a huge improvement over what farmed animals under Big Ag must endure before they are chopped open alive…

  4. Tina shurtleff says:

    I agree with Cherie. Big ag tortures animals everyday in this country. Nc just passed ag gag laws to cover up this abuse. This man should not have kept the deer in his home but now they will be sitting ducks for hunters. Hope they stay near his home at least.

  5. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — mete out the appropriate punishment so that society’s idiots do NOT repeat such negligent and cruel acts!

  6. Joyce Levy says:

    I will not be signing this.

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