Puppy Reportedly Beaten for Defecating on Floor Deserves Justice

Target: Maricopa County, Arizona Attorney Rachel Mitchell

Goal: Give man harsh legal sentence for reportedly throwing dog because the animal pooped on the floor.

A golden retriever puppy mix, named Chowder, was allegedly grabbed and violently thrown for defecating inside the house. Sean Ray was arrested in connection with the crime shortly afterwards. He needs to spend time in prison if it is found he abused this innocent creature.

A veterinarian may have to amputate Chowder’s leg because the animal did not receive medical treatment immediately after the alleged incident. Chowder is currently being cared for at the local Human Society and will hopefully be adopted into a loving home after healing is complete. Although it is good news that Chowder survived the reported tragedy, the puppy may continue to experience anxiety if details reported about the case are true.

Sign this petition to demand Ray spend time behind bars and to further insist he be banned from owning pets if he is found guilty of such vile animal abuse, to better ensure other dogs will not suffer the same fate.


Dear County Attorney Mitchell,

Sean Ray was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after authorities said he threw his golden retriever puppy mix, Chowder, for pooping on his floor. It is important that he be sent to prison and be restricted from having pets if he is found guilty, so that he will be less likely to harm more animals.

The Humane Society that is now caring for Chowder claims one of the animal’s legs that was injured during the incident may have to be removed, because Chowder was not immediately taken to a veterinarian. Studies show abused dogs usually remain scared of others, even after being adopted by caring people. Chowder may, therefore, continue to live with both a long-term physical disability and fear.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest Ray receive the maximum sentence and that he no longer be allowed to be around animals if the court learns he is responsible for traumatizing this helpless puppy.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Arizona Humane Society


  1. This vile,mentally deranged severe animal abusing scumbag must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less!

  2. I’d make the b***ard eat a bucket load of shit then put him away for a few years with a lifetime ban on keeping animals

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