Dog Allegedly Stuffed in Bag, Locked Inside Trunk, and Weighed Down By Drill Deserves Justice

Target: Columbia County, Washington Prosecuting Attorney Dale Slack

Goal: Give prison sentence to people who reportedly locked dog inside trunk in hot weather while trying to conduct a drug deal.

A puppy was allegedly locked inside a trunk for over two hours while the car was turned off in 70-degree weather. Riley M. Walters and Chloey A. Cairns were arrested shortly afterwards. They need to spend time in prison if they are found guilty of this heartless abuse.

According to reports, the animal was stuffed inside a zipped-up storage bag with the nose sticking out. A drill was allegedly sitting on top of the bag when police discovered the animal. It was also claimed the puppy was emaciated and that a pungent smell of waste was coming from the vehicle.

Officers further allegedly found 80 fentanyl pills, 500 Xanax pills, and 14.6 grams of methamphetamines inside the car, some of which Walters and Cairns apparently intended to deliver. They are both being held on animal cruelty and drug related charges. Sign this petition to demand they spend time behind bars if they are found guilty of these horrific infractions.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Slack,

Riley M. Walters and Chloey A. Cairns were brought up on second degree animal cruelty charges and for the possession of drugs with the intent to deliver them to someone after officers allegedly found a puppy trapped inside a bag in their trunk and pills inside their car. They need to be given a strict legal sentence if it is found they committed these acts to better ensure other animals and people will be less likely to be harmed by their actions.

Officers stated that a heavy drill had been placed on top of the bag containing the puppy and that the animal was extremely thin. Authorities further reported that a strong smell of urine was coming from the car where the dog was found. Although they were able to rescue the puppy, the stress that the animal experienced during the alleged incident may prove difficult to overcome, as studies show that dogs in these situations oftentimes continue to show signs of anxiety, including aggression and avoidance, even after being adopted by loving families.

Walters and Cairns will be tried on animal abuse charges and for possessing substances with the intent to either sell or give them to another party. For these reasons, I demand you suggest they spend the maximum amount of time in prison if it is found they are responsible for committing these inexcusable crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Iidar Sagdejev


  1. A drug deal gone wrong and a dog stopped inside a trunk weighted down too. This person need at least 120 years in prison or more depending the drug deal. He must pay for the vet costs and rehoming. He may never be allowed to be around any animals for the rest of his miserable life. If there are kids involved they must be monitored to bee sure they are being raised correctly. Otherwise he needs to be sterilized! People like this are a waste to society and the expense of keeping them is costly. Put him on a chain gang and make him work for his upkeep.

    • Naila M Johnston says:

      Death to this heinous monster!! Someone see to it that this dispicable S.O.B. dies a thousand torturous deaths!!
      He must suffer!!

  2. these creeps deserve a lot of time in jail

  3. Terri Morris says:

    Give them the same punishment.

  4. Not only being found with illegal drugs there is a definite case of horrible animal abuse. The dog could have been inside the car so what reason for animal abuse. Please put them away for both illegal abuses. They should never be allowed to own animals for life.

  5. Yet more scum who should simply be got rid of….

  6. Utter scum. throw the book at them on both counts. A curse on them.

  7. Kill them. Problem solved.

  8. 2 more worthless pieces of shit that should be eliminated. on top of what they did to that poor pup the drugs they are dealing especially the fentanyl has become a death sentence to many users. that in itself should be 25 to life because those drugs you can guarantee will cost some people their lives. when does the law really start doing something here? thank god that little dog had a guardian angel to save him.

  9. These vile scumbags must have the death penalty performed.

  10. Joann Reif says:

    They should should have the book thrown at them and be stuffed in a zipped up bag without any holed in it and see how they feel


    Dear Prosecuting Attorney Slack,



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