Hamsters Allegedly Tortured and Killed on Social Media Platforms Deserve Justice

Target: Fairfax County, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano

Goal:  Give maximum prison sentence to man who reportedly abused and killed hamsters on video.

A hamster died after scorching hot liquid was allegedly poured on the animal. More hamsters died after reportedly being continuously beaten with blunt objects. Sheheryar Kamran was arrested shortly afterwards. He needs to be prosecuted and spend the most time in prison possible if it is found he committed these heinous acts.

Videos on social media platforms appear to show hamsters screeching in pain while they are being hit repeatedly. Kamran allegedly posted the videos on Instagram and linked them to the Gabby Petito case when the investigation was still ongoing.

People who abuse and purposely kill animals often graduate to severely hurting and murdering people. However, despite this fact and the despicable animal cruelty that may have taken place, the state of Virginia refuses to prosecute Kamran. Sign this petition to demand these innocent animals get the justice they deserve if it is discovered they were violently abused and killed.


Dear Commonwealth Attorney Descano,

Sheheryar Kamran was brought up on animal cruelty charges after video appeared to show him pouring hot liquid on a hamster and bashing others with heavy objects. It is important he is prosecuted and brought to justice if he is found guilty so that other animals will be less likely to suffer.

Audio sounds of hamsters making troublesome noises can allegedly be heard on social media videos that Kamran posted. Furthermore, because he reportedly posted the videos and linked them to the Gabby Petito case, many people were likely traumatized while watching these animals die slow and agonizing deaths. Additionally, studies show that people who abuse animals usually go on to torture and kill people.

It is therefore unacceptable that the state of Virginia has decided to drop the charges against Kamran. For these reasons, I demand this case go to trial and that Kamran be sent to prison if it is found he harmed and killed these helpless creatures.


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  1. Disgusting person he needs to be put down.

  2. This person is a monster & belongs in jail away from humans and animals & throw away the key!

  3. Shelly Blazich says:


  4. This man is shown on video killing these tiny beings. The proof is there and prison should await this man. There are no words for a person who does this to tiny animals or any other living beings. The age old question always arrises … would he want this done to him? No he would not! So why does he feel he has the right to make others suffer? None of us have that right. This man may be insane but he is savvy enough to want his 15 minutes of fame and he knows right from wrong. He needs a long and harsh prison term. He should also never be allowed to even be near any other animals again for the rest of his life. NONE! He nerds too be watched if around any children as well as older people. If he is not a US citizen then deport him but only after he has served his time prison.

    • Nena Miller says:

      Get rid of him. There is no place in this world from a piece of shit like him or the people who watch those videos.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      He deserves the same death never mind jail time. It’s time to start killing these animal and child abusers.

  5. Ashley Swinney says:


  6. some of these lawmakers and politicians should be made to feel the same pain until they scream as well, then maybe they will start to do the right thing. bunch of career political shitheads.

  7. i love all the liberals who preach peace, tolerance and love and these are the same assholes that allow these lowlifes to roam free. just so the rest of the social media brain deads can give him attention and a thumbs up. i thought these platforms removed any content displaying violence, yet these are the same places where it all breeds.

    • Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia etc all have lousy animal welfare laws and little if any enforcement of the bad laws they do have. FYI, none of those states, or the judges and legal agencies in them, and liberals. This is not a political issue, it’s a human one

    • I’m a ‘liberal’ and I hate animal abusers; frankly, I think they should be imprisioned for life or put down.
      I get tired of people who lump folks into one monolithic faceless rock, i.e. your liberals comment. Please wise up.

  8. More human garbage that needs to have his natural oxygen supply removed.

  9. Evelyn Ball says:

    That piece of human shit needs to be beaten and then have boiling water dumped on him and then leave him to die. Waste of space piece of human shit!!!!!!

  10. Linda Cummings says:

    How do people get to be this sick, disgusting and evil? This is fun!? Only satan would think this is fun.

  11. Sickening to the highest degreee and a precursor of more to come if this individual is not locked up.

  12. This mentally deranged animal killing cretin must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less!

  13. I have a better idea …m sue the platform Sue them for millions! If we want to stop the animal suffering snd death on social platforms, then sue the hell out of them! Several times of this hold stop this trash from being shown on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The people performing these horrendous things need to her put in prison but suing the platforms is the way to stop this needless fright and death!

  14. Who cares whether or not these monstrous people “graduate” to harming humans as well?! Fundamentally, society needs to halt this irrational standard of measuring such crimes, and pleading for reform, based on potential acts of pathological abuse and violence committed upon overly-exalted HUMANS, as opposed to the basic fact that such acts taken against ANY living being is an EQUALLY unethical and unacceptable crime and sin against any of God’s creations, FULL STOP! LET’S DISMANTLE THE ENTIRELY BOGUS IDEA OF THERE BEING ANY “SEPARATION” BETWEEN SPECIES! THAT is how you “reform” an entire society’s heinous actions – by examining and UNDOING all the fundamental LIES we were fed.

  15. Kamran from this day on, your life is cursed. How dare the authorities decide this is not to be prosecuted. Virginia you should be ashamed of yourself. Nurturing dangerous psycopaths like this? really? You all disgust me, may your lives be worthless and pain filled until you bring this vile act and other like it to justice.

  16. If we want this idiocy to end we must fine the platforms. Several million dollars for each infraction of the law prohibiting this type of video from being shown. ALL PLATFORMS must pay for allowing this torture and death being shown. Each video of such garbage only shows others how they too can do horrible things without punishment. We are becoming a land of perverts.n I also feel that pouring scalding water on the legs of those guilty of this torture will not kill them but allow them to feel the pain they inflicted. Also no medical treatment, not even an aspirin, should be given such slime. If an infection occurs then antibiotics need to be given but only then, otherwise let them suffer the way they make others beings who feel pain suffer. They won’t soon forget.

  17. The state of Virginia and instagram are both guilty of abuse also – the sadistic a-hole that tortured the hamsters needs the exact same thing done to him.

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