Stop Salmon Farmers From Hurting and Killing Seals

Target: Susan Ley, Australia’s Minister for the Environment

Goal: Prohibit bean bag rounds, underwater explosives, and other deterrents that pose risk to protected seals.

Scare caps and seal crackers: these are two of the fanciful terms used to describe attacks on seals that are taking place off the coast of Tasmania. In reality, these weapons consist of underwater explosives, darts, and shells filled with lead shot. Each of them is routinely used around salmon farms in order to keep seals away. At least 70 seals have died in close proximity to these farms in recent years. Now, if an initiative driven by salmon farm owners goes through, the dangerous methods could become commonplace over the next three years.

Seals are supposed to be protected under Australia’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act. As a state of Australia, Tasmania must adhere by this law that criminalizes killing, injuring, or even moving seals. The actions of the salmon farm operators clearly violate the act, but government officials seem more interested in offloading responsibility than enforcing their own laws.

Sign the petition below to demand a wholesale ban on these cruel and often lethal scare tactics


Dear Minister Ley,

As the Minister of the Environment, it is your duty to protect lands, waters, and their inhabitants and to enforce laws safeguarding these protections. When you were recently asked about the use of seal crackers and scare caps on federally protected seals, you referred this matter to other authorities. The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act falls under your purview, and you must be the ultimate arbiter in this matter.

Special interests like offshore salmon farms cannot drive your decision-making. You have been presented with evidence that these supposedly harmless scare tactics are injuring and even killing marine life in large numbers. Do not ignore your obligation to stop these flagrant violations of federal policy.

Ban the use of dangerous seal deterrents at once.


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Photo Credit: Elianne Dipp 


  1. Any scumbag who abusers seals must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death is essential!

  2. Farmers caught doingthisto seals need to be taken into custody and their farms closed down permanently. This is the only way to stop this and deals are a protected species!

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