Dogs Reportedly Found Dead in Freezer in Filthy House Deserve Justice

Target: Utah County, Utah Attorney David O. Leavitt

Goal: Punish woman for allegedly allowing dogs to live in filth and do not allow her to own pets.

A woman allegedly stuffed fifteen dogs in bags and threw them inside her freezer. Another dog was found dead near their kennel, possibly as a result of neglect. Fourteen others were further removed from the home after they were reportedly discovered to be living in their own urine and feces. The woman allegedly responsible for this neglect needs to spend time in prison and be banned from having animals if she is found guilty of these crimes, so that other dogs will be less likely to endure the same fate.

Authorities stated that the dogs were aggressive and said two of the animals bit them. Sadly, they will not be able to be adopted out unless or until they can be trained to develop friendly manners toward humans. Past reports indicate that police searched the woman’s home in 2018 when 14 other dogs were thought to be living in similar conditions. Surprisingly, only 10 of the animals were taken from the household. Sign this petition to demand none of the dogs rescued from the current situation be returned to her and to also insist she receive a strict legal sentence if it is found she committed this inexcusable animal cruelty.


Dear County Attorney Leavitt,

Fourteen dogs were reportedly living in their own waste inside a woman’s messy home. She allegedly also stored fifteen dead dogs in plastic bags inside her freezer. Another dog was said to be deceased inside the home. She must be arrested and no longer be legally allowed to have pets if it is found these allegations are true to better ensure other animals will not be harmed.

According to authorities, the dogs’ behaviors were similar to those of feral animals, likely because they were never taught how to properly interact with people. Unfortunately, the local shelter will not be able to put the dogs up for adoption unless they learn how to act more amicably toward humans. If this cannot be accomplished, these dogs will likely be euthanized. It is unconscionable that the dogs recently discovered may have suffered under this woman’s care, since deputies removed many others from her home in 2018 after investigating a separate animal cruelty incident. Instead of letting her keep four of those dogs, they should have all been taken away if mistreatment was suspected.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest this woman suffer appropriate consequences and that she no longer be allowed around animals if it is found any dogs suffered or died while under her care.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Michelle Stewart says:

    That bitch IS guilty. She actually deserves the death penalty. Since that won’t happen, she must spend 25 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $500,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again. I really wish someone threw her into a big empty walk-in freezer and locked the door. She deserves to die for what she did

    • 100% death penalty. she is pure evil

    • You have no idea what evil is. Visit a slaughterhouse and witness the suffering of animals that are just as intelligent as dogs but raised so they can be eaten. Evil is raising an animal in horrid conditions where they are subjected to abuse that causes them physical and psychological injuries.
      This woman probably had good intensions but it got out of control. For all we know she was trying to save animals but failed but anyone who eat animal products is actively supported people to do unspeakable things to billions of animals every year.
      Pure evil is when you like the taste of flesh or milk that was meant for a calf so much that you deny all the pain and suffering of those animals.
      I read that the woman was in the hospital and neighbors called because they didn’t think the animals were being taken care of while she was in the hospital.
      It doesn’t take long for a few animals to destroy a place and their poop accumulates fast.
      I have 3 small dogs and if I didn’t clean their poop from the yard every couple of days you wouldn’t be able to walk more than a few feet without stepping in it.
      But grab your pitchforks and direct the angry mob to go after this poor who probably loved every single one of those dogs.
      I read they were all dachshunds so obviously she had a preference for the breed. My mini dachshund is 18 years old and she’s never experienced anything less than the best treatment but if a stranger came in and tried to take her she would tear them apart.
      I research the petitions that are sent to me and I usually sign them but I won’t be signing this one.

      • Sweetondogs says:

        Ok so if u think she is some poor old woman with good intentions, why were 14 dead dogs found in bags and stuffed into the freezer?!?
        Or how about the dead puppy outside its kennel?
        I love animals more than anything, especially more than most of the human population, and no sane, animal lover would do this.

        • Well then, it’s always nice to meet a fellow vegan.
          I love animals so much too which is why I don’t eat them or wear them. It may take me longer when I go shopping but it’s worth it to know that I’m not buying products that were tested on animals.
          If I didn’t love animals I would probably just throw them in the trash bin if they died but if I wanted to give them a proper burial or cremate them I would store them in a freezer, individually bagged and labeled like how people are preserved at the morgue/hospital/funeral home. I don’t know how long the woman was in the hospital before neighbors thought to call the police and I don’t know why the dog outside it’s kennel died just like you don’t know where any of those dogs were before they ended up there. Look up “crush videos” or “crush fetish”. Watch Earthlings, visit a slaughterhouse or perform a search online for where you can buy dozens of beagle puppies that were specifically bred to be tortured in lab experiments. Once you realize how many innocent, defenseless animals are exploited, used and abused you may feel the need to start saving them too. People who breed dogs are just adding to the overpopulation problem. Look up how many animals are killed for food and how many animals are killed in- shelters because there’s too many. Did you know it’s illegal in many places to record video or take pictures of abuse towards animals that are raised for food, leather, fur, dairy, experimentation etc without permission from the owners?

      • Loraine Pretorius says:

        That is no reason to do what she did. There are other solutions than letting them freeze to death. I think you need to rethink your theory.

    • Susan boyce says:

      Right on we have to start socking it too these evil sick bastards. I agree I agree with you. This is a sick dangerous individual

    • Michelle Stewart – Your comment is definately correct. I agree with everythig you comment on.

      “That bitch IS guilty. She actually deserves the death penalty. Since that won’t happen, she must spend 25 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $500,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning or going near any animals ever again. I really wish someone threw the bitch into a big empty walk-in freezer and locked the door”.
      This vile and evil bitch deserves to die for what this evil lowlife pos committed against innocent and helpless sentient beings.Kill it slowly.

      All animal torturers and animal murderers must be put to death.This must be introduced into the Animal Protection Laws. This is the only way we can rid the Planet of these psychopathic animal torturing murdering monsters on our Planet. Kill them all.

      • I agree, kill all people who choose to harm animals and slowly kill all the people who pay others to harm animals on their behalf.
        Death to all meat/dairy eaters. Death to all people who think it’s cool to remove skin from animals so they can wear it as clothing or shoes. Death to anyone who supports any of the industries that exploit animals including those who tear down their natural habitats to build shopping malls and parking lots, high rise apartments and residential communities

  2. Izabela joksimovic says:

    Death penalty for this monster

  3. Craig Weston says:

    Take the whore up to the top of a mountain, screaming, and let loose, but first put a few bullets into her fucking noggin at close range. Karma for sure. RIP, babies.

  4. transformation6891Janey says:

    I feel frustrated by the comments here in that they rarely address the tragedy animals have endured, that we want to be ruled upon. Surely we need to re inforce the importance of this woman getting a sentence, being monitored after and never being allowed to have animals again as she is neglectfully cruel. No one should be taking on too many dogs, not lovingly caring for them and thinking its ok to hide their deaths in the freezer. Animal cruelty and neglect are not ok and our comments need to reflect that we are different to her.


  6. How about spending 15 cents on a .22 round and shoot the Bitch in the back of the head? No takers? See, that’s the problem. Decent people don’t want to go to prison. And scumbag, mother-fuckers that don’t mind killing people only care about themselves. So they’ll go down to a 7/11 store and rob it and kill the clerk over $20.00 but they won’t kill a piece of shit that tortures and kills animals. Their priorities are all wrong. Why not kill a mother-fucker that tortures and kills dogs and instead of killing a 7/11 clerk, get a job and earn the $20.00. Hell, no, they’re not gonna do that. That requires work. And work is a four letter dirty word to a piece of shit criminal that would rather rob and kill someone who is trying to earn a living the right way. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t have power because if I did, I would give all animal torturers and killers a dirt nap that they would never wake up from. Have a Nice Day, ya’ll.

  7. She deserves to be treated the same way she hurt those beautiful creatures that God created. No mercy on her.

  8. Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of human sadistic psychopaths! ANIMAL ABUSE shall be treated as any human abuse. Animals are like children, defenseless and innocent and they DESERVE JUSTICE – just like YOU and ME..
    This extremely vile woman must be FORBIDDEN from ever coming near animals again.

    MAX JAIL or DEATH PENALTY for this lowlife human scum. She doesn’t deserve this planet!

    • Equally, I demand punishment to all people who support the Meat and Dairy Industry because they are responsible for abusing and killing the majority of our planet’s animals. They also waste the most water and natural resources, dump the most toxic waste, are responsible for bad health, obesity, cancer, and the slow destruction of our planet…but mostly because they cause so much suffering to so many innocent, defenseless animals.

  9. The pain that these poor animals went through is absolutely horrible. I wish there was no animals ever mistreated. They are God’s special gift. I feel like these people need a sentence that is comparable to what they did to them.Please prosecute to the fullest

  10. I am at a loss. I cannot understand the crulity of humans.
    Our government must let criminals suffer the same consequences.
    Why do evil people pick on the most vulnerable.

  11. What a stupid ass cunt. She needs the same treatment.

  12. Simonetta+Scott-Crossley says:

    Evil savage from SATAN!!!

  13. Raynesha+McGhee-Reed says:

    Death Penalty 4 this evil cunt!!!!!

  14. What this cruel evil punk really needs is to be heavily chained in the filthy kennel and when she’s tired of that the freezer is DYING to give her the last home she will ever have. Oh and she get no food or water either… IN MY OPINION


  16. Is the woman I same or is she evil ; the problem of the two is that the animals suffer in both cases. Thus is why we pay, through are taxes for the authorities to take charge and act accordingly. So, the failure here is the authorities. How many warnings do they need apart from a Large Arrow pointing out where the issue is or as it would seem the authorities having visited the premises need to do their job.

  17. Nena Miller says:

    They need to get it right this time!

  18. This vile,mentally deranged bitch must have the death penalty performed and nothing less.I am ready,willing and able to help with this procedure! A slow and agonising death for this scumbag is essential!!

  19. Do NOT KILL the Dogs — take HORRIFIC CRIMES against Animals SERIOUSLY — in loving hands, these Dogs will flourish — NEVER BLAME the Animals — ensure this SICKO adopts NEVER AGAIN — moreover, ensure she comes NOWHERE NEAR Animals — she must be PUNISHED & PENALIZED to learn her lesson to NEVER REPEAT cruel crimes against Dogs or any other Animals

  20. This poor old woman… was/is exactly that… poor and old! Look at other news articles on the www. She really has a mental problem. Hoarding is an official mental disease, yet grossly undetected in mainsteam society and under-discussed by everyone. Many people suffer from it – there’ve been popular TV shows made about such people (viewed by millions). It is very sad to see. As one commentor put it… “things got out of control”. So many people’s lives ‘get out of control’ quickly and they can’t ‘bounce back’. Yes, this woman needs to face punishment, but she’s a hoarder and hoarders need psychiatric assessment, the appropriate medication and then constant monitoring. People can be rehabilitated into a healthier lifestyle.

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