Support Alternative Energy to Reduce Shark Attacks


Target: Pat McCrory, Governor of North Carolina

Goal: Utilize alternative energy sources to lessen the impact of global warming and to reduce shark attacks.

Shark attacks have increased off the coast of North Carolina, likely as a result of climate change. If steps are not taken to lessen the effects of global warming, it is quite possible that many more people will be attacked.

Sharks likely swim closer to shore in order to seek warmer waters. Ocean water is now much warmer than it once was, likely due to the negative effects of climate change. Sharks also swim to more shallow waters to find food, as it is thought that their food supply in deeper waters has been adversely impacted as a result of global warming.

If North Carolina were to explore developing and using natural energy alternatives, fewer chemicals would be released into the air and the adverse effects of global warming may be mitigated. As a result, fewer shark attacks would probably occur.

People who are opposed to developing alternative energy programs say that financial returns for such programs would not be seen for several years. They further proclaim that developing such sources of energy would negatively affect the economies of areas that rely solely on coal as a reliable energy source. On the contrary, it has been shown within the last few years that developing renewable energy through wind and solar power does not cost more than developing energy through burning coal. In some cases, it may even cost less.

Sign this petition and urge the North Carolina governor to set in place alternative energy programs. Shark attacks would likely decrease as a result and the overall ocean environment will greatly improve if such sources are utilized.


Dear Governor McCrory,

More shark attacks have occurred within the last 10 years, likely as a result of climate change. If steps are not taken to reduce global warming, it is probable that even more shark attacks will occur.

Sharks swim closer to shore because the water is usually warmer there and also because it has been shown that there is currently more food located closer inland. Both of these factors can likely be linked to climate change, as burning coal and using unnatural energy sources releases massive amounts of chemicals into the air that causes it to become extremely hot and humid. Due to this being the case, ocean water also becomes warmer and sharks are instinctively drawn to shallow waters, since being there is more advantageous to their survival.

Although some people claim that developing and using alternative energy sources is more costly, the cost of such energy programs has actually been shown to be the same, or—in some cases—to cost even less than producing energy by unnatural means. Wind and solar power are two perfect examples where this has been shown to be the case.

For all of these reasons, I encourage you to support developing alternative energy programs in North Carolina. Doing so would not only be helpful for the environment but less people would likely be attacked by sharks, making such programs especially beneficial to humans.


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  1. Heather Brophy says:


  2. How the hell did you manage to become a Goverrnor when you do not know the answer as to why sharks attack, more people get run over by buses or shot than the attacks sharks make.They swim nearer to the shore where itis warmer and more food especially if we throw you in but they would probably throw you out or throw you up sick wise. Grow up.

    • Victoria Salter says:

      You’re right about sharks being misunderstood. Shark attacks on people are often due to the sharks mistaking them for seals due to their shortsightedness, and more people are killed by falling vending machines than by sharks every year…

  3. Our sharks, our planet’s sharks NEED their home — we humans must do everything in our power to ensure that all are secure, happy and comfortable — sharks and humans included.

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