Stop Slaughtering Crocodiles for Handbags

Target: Axel Dumas, Chief Executive Officer of Hermes

Goal: Commit to ending sales of products made from animal skins.

Business is bustling at French luxury goods maker Hermes. The company is opening several new factories as their profit line soars. Tragically, these gains come at the expense of countless animals every year.

Hermes received a grade of zero on a recent animal welfare report card, making it the worst offender among luxury brands that have already set the bar so low. In order to make many of its in-demand handbags and other products, the company uses the skins of exotic wild and farmed animals more than any of its competitors. In fact, Hermes announced plans for a crocodile farm in Australia that would hold 50,000 crocodiles. Such farms have long been the target of fierce criticism. Aside from the deadly fate awaiting inhabitants, the farms are also often cited for serious cases of neglect and abuse.

Sign the petition below to demand this influencer use its power to set a better standard for animal welfare.


Dear Mr. Dumas,

France was one of the first countries in the world to recognize the sentience of animals. Increasingly, clothing and accessory makers around the globe have realized the inhumanity and needlessness of fur farming. Hermes is failing the positive examples set by both its homeplace and its industry.

According to an extensive investigation, you are literally failing…”earning” a grade of zero for your approach, or lack thereof, to animal welfare. You have made pledges and promises to reverse this trend, but you continue to manufacture and sell the very remnants of exploited and slaughtered animals. Until you make a sincere commitment to stop the creation and sale of products made from exotic animal skins, you cannot claim any gains on issues of animal cruelty.

Reputation matters. As more eco-conscious generations continue to emerge, consider the image you want to present to your consumers of tomorrow. Evolve, or risk extinction.


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Photo Credit: Pixabay 


  1. Animal skins are not meant to be fashion accessories. Handbags for the ultra rich? How do you think they would feel at Hermes if their hides were used for such a purpose? These fashion houses seemingly are far removed from reality. What would hurt them hurts other living beings. One day maybe humanity will learn it is not what you wear but what you are.

  2. All animal abusing scumbags globally must be put to death! Nothing less is appropriate.

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