Dogs Reportedly Left to Starve in Abandoned House Deserve Justice

Target: Miller County, Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney Charles Black

Goal: Give woman prison sentence if found guilty of leaving dogs behind at prior residence without food or water.

Two dogs were allegedly abandoned inside a home without access to food or water. Alyssa Lee Ann Monaghan was arrested on aggravated animal cruelty charges shortly afterwards. She needs to spend time in prison if it is found she neglected these innocent animals to better ensure other dogs will not endure the same fate.

Monaghan allegedly left the two dogs behind when she moved out of her residence. According to a neighbor, the bigger dog was sticking their head out of a broken window and barking. Authorities said that the house was filled with animal waste and trash, and the house reportedly had no electricity. A black and tan dachshund was allegedly found dead on the bedroom floor. The larger dog was also thought to be starving and was given to a family member.

Monaghan is prohibited from owning animals while her case is pending. Sign this petition to demand she receive the maximum time behind bars if it is discovered these animals suffered while under her care.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Black,

Alyssa Lee Ann Monaghan was arrested after officers claimed she left two dogs behind with no food or water at her former home. She needs to receive the strictest legal sentence if she is found guilty to make it less likely other animals will suffer.

A neighbor told officers that one dog was barking and could also be seen sticking their head out of a busted window. According to reports, the house was filthy and was filled with garbage, feces, and urine. The electricity had allegedly been turned off. It was also reported that a dachshund was found dead inside the house and that the other dog was alive but severely emaciated. The surviving dog was given to one of Monaghan’s family members.

The suspect is not allowed to own or take care of any animals while her case is being reviewed. For these reasons, we demand you suggest she receive the toughest legal sentence possible if she is found guilty of such blatant animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Misspells Wrods


  1. Jaime Perez says:

    This ugly, freaking monster deserves the death penalty! That was cold blooded murder. How heartless and cruel can a person be?! It’s so sickening to hear about things like this.

    • Jaime Perez – I definately agree with your comment.
      This ugly, freaking monster deserves the death penalty! That was cold blooded murder. How heartless and cruel can a person be?! It’s so sickening to hear about things like this.

  2. This vile and evil lowlife psychopathic ugly animal torturing murdering bitch Alyssa Lee Ann Monghan must be brought to Justice and put to death. This evil lowlife nonhuman bitch deserves the death penalty and eradicated from the planet. Kill the evil bitch before this evil slut of a bitch commits the same torture and murder against more precious and innocent defenceles sentient beings. Die you evil slut pos.

  3. Melinda+Maddox says:

    God bless the pup that is still alive and the soil of the pup that was starved to death. Starve this woman to bear death also!! 🛑🛑🛑

  4. Julia Edinger says:

    This “EVIL MURDER” deserves to be severely punished with the horrible horrible death of precious soul (pup) and treatment of starving to death these dear precious animals!!! KARMA


  6. DISGUSTING, ABHORANT PEOPLE is being too polite. You people, so called humans, are worthless on this planet. What do you bring, everything bad and nothing good. You must be punished until you understand what you have done. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on ALL of you involved, you are truly disgusting.

  7. Ban all cat meat trade !!!!!

  8. Nena Miller says:

    Until this country starts putting these useless creatures in jail for things like this…it will not stop. She should go to prison. She killed the little dog and tried to kill the other as well.

  9. Every animal abuser globally must have the mandatory death penalty implmented and nothing less.

  10. It is sad that one dog passed away. Both of these dogs need justice. There is never an excuse for leaving pets behind. That monster deserves prison time!

  11. Please put this disgusting piece of trash away for a very long time!

  12. Two counts of attempted murder, abandonment of vulnerable victims. Sentence 35 years, no parole.

  13. American Girl says:

    Hang this inbred bitch!

  14. Patrica+Birtles says:

    Needs to swing

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