Dogs Allegedly Starved, Tied to Trees, and Abandoned Deserve Justice

Target: Genesee County, Michigan Prosecuting Attorney David Leyton

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly starving eight dogs and leaving them to die.

Christopher Hatchet was arrested after he allegedly neglected eight dogs for over a week. He needs to be given time in prison if it is found he harmed these animals to better ensure other dogs will not go through a similar ordeal.

A dog named Thrax was reportedly leashed up to a tree and was said to have lost circulation as a result of the leash being wrapped too tightly around one of her left legs. Thrax’s leg had to be amputated because of the alleged incident. In addition, all the dogs were reportedly malnourished.

The dogs are currently in custody of Genesee County Animal Control and are now eligible for adoption. Hatchet is currently being charged with two counts of animal abuse as well as one count of being a habitual offender. Sign this petition to demand these innocent dogs receive justice if it is discovered Hatchet neglected or abused them in any way.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Leyton,

Eight dogs were allegedly abandoned and left to fend for themselves for over seven days. Christopher Hatchet was arrested on animal cruelty charges shortly afterwards. It is important he receive a tough legal sentence if it is found he neglected these dogs so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

All of the dogs were reportedly emaciated when officers arrived on the scene, and one dog named Thrax was said to be tied to a tree with the leash wrapped tightly around one of her left legs. A veterinarian had to amputate Thrax’s leg because of the damage apparently caused by the leash.

The dogs are now up for adoption at the Genesee County Animal Control facility. Hatchet was reportedly arrested for displaying animal cruelty, torturing another animal, and for also being a habitual offender. For these reasons, I demand you suggest Hatchet be required to spend the maximum amount of time in prison if it is found these dogs suffered while under his care.


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  1. This vile scumbag severe dog abusing cretin must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential.!~!~!

  2. C. Hatchet MUST be incarcerated! He is a SADIST and a danger to your community! How any human can be so cruel to any innocent being is unfathomable. HE MUST PAY FOR THIS TORTURE

  3. Dogs feel hunger and pain just as humans do. If these dogs had not be found and rescue when they did they would’ve died have hunger. Dogs are dependent on humans to care for them. These dogs suffered horribly and one even had to get her leg amputated. Please if this person is found guilty of these crimes against these dogs give him penalty to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you

  4. Ashley Swinney says:

    Habitual offender? 8 dogs but only 2 counts against him? How does that work? Animal welfare laws need to be changed to hold these bottom-feeders accountable.

  5. Life without parole for hatchett. But he deserves to be executed by firing squad. fair is fair

  6. Tina+Zerello says:

    How does this go unnoticed !!Why can’t theses type of crimes against animals not be stopped!! Why are these types of crimes still continue?

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