Punish Man for Slaughtering Innocent Kittens

Target: Limestone County Courts

Goal: Reprimand man for abhorrent, violent acts against kittens

Alabama resident Ronald Fraser Golden, also called “The Kitten Killer,” carried out a deranged and vicious act of animal cruelty discovered when authorities found the carcasses of five kittens near his home in Athens. After further investigation, they uncovered a harrowing scene: a “cat room” where the walls and floors were covered with blood from deceased kittens who met their fate by strangulation, being stomped on, and thrown.

Golden purchased the kittens on Craigslist, named them, then lured them into the room where he carried out these barbaric acts. When asked why he would do such a thing he simply replied that he was “angry at the world”.

More than twenty-two kittens have succumbed to the violence Golden inflicted on them in his home and its been reported that Golden has been engaging in these inhumane acts for months. With the carcasses found outside, its unclear just how many other innocent kittens’ lives were cut short.

Held for evaluation by a mental health officer, Golden could plead insanity for his charges and walk free. By signing this petition, you’ll tell the Limestone County judicial system that Ronald Fraser Golden deserves to be penalized to the highest degree for his actions and ensure that he’ll never be of harm to cats, or any other animals, ever again.


Dear Limestone County Courts,

A man by the name of Ronald Fraser Golden could walk free if he is able to plead insanity for his inhumane acts of violence against countless, innocent kittens. His excuse, that he was “angry at the world” is an extremely troubling response to such brutality. I plead with you to prosecute Golden to the highest degree and ensure that he’ll have no chance of ever inflicting harm upon other animals.

A man who designates a ‘death chamber’ for kittens in his home is a dangerous man and there’s no telling if his pugnacity will escalate to include gruesome acts against his two dogs or other humans. It takes someone barren of all empathy, compassion, and feeling to act out so repulsively against animals, and justice must be sought.

He knowingly misled breeders and owners into thinking that he was a capable care-taker; fooling them into believing that their kittens had finally found a safe and loving home.

I urge you to consider Golden’s dangerousness not only to existing animals, but to society as a whole. Justice for these innocent kittens needs to be served and a “slap of the wrist” insanity charge shouldn’t cloud your judgment.

Do not let Ronald Fraser Golden walk free and provide the residents of Athens, Alabama with peace of mind that he’ll be behind bars for a very, very long time.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: mayra via everystockphoto

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  1. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    This guy doubtless has a personality disorder. Meds can’t touch it. If he wants to plead insanity, the authorities should accomodate him and place him in a facility for the criminally insane, because he could easily start branching out to the little kids in his neighborhood. Alabama needs to step up to the plate and deal with this dangerous idiot. He shouldn’t be walking around with the rest of us.

  2. If hes really angry, why not kill people? Kill filthy fu*** prostitutes! Why the innocent? Kill him!!! He should already kill himself!! Not take out anger at the babies! To him: Go Kill Yourself!

    • Wow it’s a bit strong what you are saying. BUT I must agree I prefer he would kill people instead of cats, no doubt about that and I agree with you. I suppose there are tons of thugs out there. Prostitutes are only hurting themselves, I think there are a lot of ugly people out there for a killer to take care of, but animals, specially inocent cats that TRUSTED HIM (because this monster named them and pet them etc like a real psycho) are the worst choice. If you are reading this: ANGRY AT THE WORLD?? I HOPE SOMEONE MORE ANGRY AT THE WORLD WILL RIP YOUR A** IN TWO AND THAT YOU CAN’T SLEEP NO MORE. I WOULD TORTURE YOU MYSELF, YOU THINK YOU ARE A KILLER? GO MEET A REAL KILLER ASSHOLE, YOU ARE NO MAN ENOUGH TO EVEN BREATHE.

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    I hope the authorities don’t buy this “insanity” nonsense. People with personality disorders are the ones that will bully and kill weaker creatures, and then say anything it takes to manipulate their way out of the situation. If they’re smart, they’ll take this idiot out of action and lock him up somewhere, ANYWHERE, for the safety of the community. If they don’t, neighborhood pets and children could start disappearing.

  4. These acts are horrific and unjustified. This is obviously the beginning of an angry murderer. If he hadn’t been caught when he was, who knows what else he would have inflicted his anger upon? Puppies? Human children?
    This is a dangerous criminal and should be put behind bars for the rest of his life, or, more suitably, put to death.

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