Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Farm Where Bobcat was Reportedly Stolen

Target: Jon Lowris, owner of Pocono Snake & Animal Farm

Goal: Urge the owner of the farm to enforce more security so the animals are kept safe.

A 22-year-old bobcat named Blanche was reportedly stolen from an animal farm in Pennsylvania. A video apparently recorded Semyon Levit leaving the farm with Blanche in his arms. He seemingly dropped the animal 2-3 times, held her by the neck, and yelled at her in the parking lot.  The suspect also left $50 outside of the enclosure.

John Lowris, the owner of Pocano Snake & Animal Farm, stated that no employees are at the farm right now due to renovations taking place. Reports indicate that their security door was not properly closed, leading to the bobcat being stolen by Levit. We must urge that the farm is properly secured and that employees are present regardless of them renovating. These animals need to be protected from any type of danger. Enforcing stronger security and employee presence can help so that another incident like this can never happen again.

Blanche was brought back after state police investigated and followed Levit’s car, where they reportedly discovered the bobcat being held in the trunk. She was returned safely but had injuries to her claw, seemingly from being dropped. Lowris states that he is happy to have her back and Blanche is happy to be back as well. Levit was charged with counts of burglary, theft, open lewdness, and animal cruelty.

Sign below and demand that security become a priority at this park for the wellbeing of all the animals.


Dear Jon Lowris,

We urge you to have stronger security and employee presence at Pocono Snake & Animal Farm. Although renovations are taking place, there are still animals in enclosures. They need to be kept safe. It is a good thing that there were cameras to catch the alleged abduction of Blanche. It is also a wonderful thing that she was returned, and proper consequences may follow.

You must make sure another incident like this can never happen again. Ensure that security and employees are present to protect your animals.


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  1. Mary DeCraemer says:

    Even better, set your caged animals free, or send them to a reputable santuary.

  2. This petition should be calling for a complete CLOSURE of this ROADSIDE ZOO, with TONS of imprisoned animals. That poor bobcat has been enslaved then for 22 YEARS of her life!!! I’ll only sign when the petition FOCUS has appropriately changed.

  3. What? What really needs to be done is to find an acceptable, proper sanctuary for these animals. Animals should never be used for human greed! This place MUST be inspected. I feel that Blanche is bringing attention to this situation and she needs to be heard!

  4. Ban cat meat trade !!!!

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