Dog Apparently Beaten to Death With Hammer in Front of Children Deserves Justice

Target: Allegheny County, PA District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala, Jr.

Goal: Give woman prison sentence if it is found that she beat dog to death with a hammer in front of children.

A mother allegedly beat her Pitbull with a hammer in front of her two small children. Bianca Lee was charged with animal cruelty shortly afterwards. She needs to be given the maximum prison sentence if it is found she committed this inexcusable act.

Lee’s boyfriend reportedly walked into the home to find her covered in blood and her children visibly upset, possibly as a result of the incident. He allegedly discovered the dog soon after that point. Police stated that Lee admitted to committing the crime shortly after they arrived at the residence. She is currently awaiting trial at the Allegheny County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

Sign this petition to demand Lee spend time in prison and further insist that she no longer be allowed to have pets if it is found she committed this horrific act against an innocent animal.


Dear District Attorney Zappala,

Bianca Lee was recently arrested after her children reportedly witnessed her violently beat the family dog with a hammer. She needs to be penalized to the fullest extent of the law if these allegations are found to be true, so that other animals and children will be less likely to go through a similar ordeal.

According to reports, Lee’s boyfriend found the dog after seeing her children screaming and crying and Lee’s entire body covered in blood. Lee allegedly told police, “I got the dog, I killed the dog.” The suspect was taken to the Allegheny County Jail and will not be released before her trial unless someone is willing or able to pay her $20,000 bond.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest Lee get the strictest legal sentence allowed for this crime and that you further tell the judge she should no longer be allowed to be around animals if it is found she committed this atrocious act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jim Pennucci 


  1. Ashley Swinney says:

    Not only does she not need pets of any kind she needs to lose custody of her kids before she does something horrible to them.

    • Exactly. She has already committed a crime against the children . by subjecting them to the horror of witnessing her depravity. They will carry that image in their minds forever. And may well treat animals with the same brutality. She sounds like she needs psychiatric assessment, before escalation. My husband worked in Child Protection, UK. Those children would be removed to a place of safety, ASAP.

      • AGREE 100% !!! This woman definitely don’t deserve any more animals and should possibly lose her children ! She needs to be evaluated for mental illness!

    • I totally agree!!!

    • Rosemary Lopez says:

      I agree with you 100%!

    • O cannot sign.Won’t allow me.This woman is one evil monster.Thatpoor doggy .I know what I would like to do to her.She needs a long long jail time.Janet Foster

  2. donna ann watkins says:

    she needs to be locked up forever.

    • A mere 20k bail?? Serioulsy? She a psychopath and needs to be locked up forever or taken off the planet. A total waste of space.

      • Agree. This piece of human excrement needs to be locked up and throw away the key .. oxygen depriving psychotic piece of walking garbage. Take the kids away and take out the trash.

  3. Christopher+Sonnier says:

    How can any authority leave children in the care of this woman? What is going to happen if she snaps at one of the kids? Bludgeon them with a hammer too?

  4. Angela Wilkinson says:

    This female “human” moster must receive the highest punishment (which is still nit enough), her children taken away forever for such disgusting cruel act. The poor innocent dog could’ve bitten this monster, scratched this monster but didn’t do any of this while being beaten to death!!! That alone shows the dog was not aggressive & probably loved the kids. I know Pitbulls very well & know how loving tgis breed is, had one for almost 15 years. Again this female monster must be punished to the highest & never allowed her kids to live with her nor ever be privileged to have another dog in her life!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. Shelly Barrett says:

    Someone needs to beat her to death with a hammer. She’s a worthless POS that doesn’t deserve to live.

    • Agree, the law needs to change to reflect the seriousness of animal abuse and murder. Far too soft and 20K bail, what a joke .. needs to be £2M at least .. animals life is priceless but the life of this piece of human crap is zero and it should never be allowed to be part of life on earth.

    • Rosemary Lopez says:

      I agree with you 100%!

  6. the children need to be removed from the home and this fucking bitch needs to be beat to death with a hammer. Poor innocent dog and they sit and take it because you are supposed to be there for them. NOTHING else is justice

    • Agree. this bitch needs to be extinguished !!
      Give me a dog any day .. RIP BabyPit .. I am sure he had a name, but why is it not stated !
      This bitch needs to rot where she stands and dry up and blow away, save the taxpayers cost of trial and keeping her murderous arse in prison ..

  7. Jennifer Clemente says:

    This evil monster does not deserve to be on this earth. Lock her up for life or better yet do the same to her.

  8. She sounds like a well adjusted upstanding citizen. What a waste of space she is.

  9. Michelle+Harvey says:

    This bitch needs to be locked away and have her kids taken away!!! What kind of scumbag does this?!?

  10. eleanor+dunkavich says:

    lock this thing up

  11. F in brown pile of shit
    Give me 5 min with that sub scum

  12. Good God. Beat him to death with a hammer but bury alive while still breathing. I am so sick of these stories, one after the other….an endless parade of human depravity and abhorrent cruelty.

  13. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Bianca Lee is a murderer. I would be very surprised if her children were to remain in her custody given this traumatic event that they took witness to. Bianca Lee does need to serve prison time for this vicious and horrific crime. It really is baffling the amount of evil people that live among us.

  14. Tania Connor says:

    What a henious vile sinister cunt .
    I wish I lived near her .

  15. This lunatic belongs in jail & loose custody of her children. She is a monster for what she did – there is NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE & CHILD ABUSE!!!!! She comitted BOTH!!!!!

  16. Susan Kulikowski says:

    What a horrible, despicable person to kill the dog with a hammer in front of her children. Throw her in a mental hospital and get the kids therapy. She should never see the light of day again. Such a horrible world we live in. Poor dog did not deserve this fate.

  17. Not only should this psychopath rot in jail and never see the light of day ever again, she deserves to lose all rights to her children. She is a cold-blooded murderer and a child abuser, the vilest of criminals. Make an example of her and make her accountable for her crimes. This cannot be tolerated.

  18. Her Skanky ass belongs in jail. Cold blooded killer! SHE MURDERED THAT POOR INNOCENT DOG! Kids are tramarized, she’s a horrible excuse for a parent! Life long ban on owning pets and animals. She is a danger to all

  19. What kind of effed up sick bastard does such a horrendous thing to a poor animal? And in front of kids? This person has mental issues. If they didn’t want the dog they should have taken it to a shelter but to beat it like that I say what goes around comes around that’s sick disgusting piece of shit ass

  20. Cheryl V Sheffield says:

    She needs to be beat to death with a hammer. That dog was innocent , they look to their humans to take care of them. I’m so sick of the abuse animals have to endure. When will there ever be laws to protect them. Same with euthanize , It Is Murder.

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