Dog Apparently Beaten to Death With Hammer in Front of Children Deserves Justice

Target: Allegheny County, PA District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala, Jr.

Goal: Give woman prison sentence if it is found that she beat dog to death with a hammer in front of children.

A mother allegedly beat her Pitbull with a hammer in front of her two small children. Bianca Lee was charged with animal cruelty shortly afterwards. She needs to be given the maximum prison sentence if it is found she committed this inexcusable act.

Lee’s boyfriend reportedly walked into the home to find her covered in blood and her children visibly upset, possibly as a result of the incident. He allegedly discovered the dog soon after that point. Police stated that Lee admitted to committing the crime shortly after they arrived at the residence. She is currently awaiting trial at the Allegheny County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

Sign this petition to demand Lee spend time in prison and further insist that she no longer be allowed to have pets if it is found she committed this horrific act against an innocent animal.


Dear District Attorney Zappala,

Bianca Lee was recently arrested after her children reportedly witnessed her violently beat the family dog with a hammer. She needs to be penalized to the fullest extent of the law if these allegations are found to be true, so that other animals and children will be less likely to go through a similar ordeal.

According to reports, Lee’s boyfriend found the dog after seeing her children screaming and crying and Lee’s entire body covered in blood. Lee allegedly told police, “I got the dog, I killed the dog.” The suspect was taken to the Allegheny County Jail and will not be released before her trial unless someone is willing or able to pay her $20,000 bond.

For these reasons, I demand you suggest Lee get the strictest legal sentence allowed for this crime and that you further tell the judge she should no longer be allowed to be around animals if it is found she committed this atrocious act.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jim Pennucci 


  1. Katharine Livingston says:

    This woman is a danger to her children. She has already abused them mentally by having them watch this horrific act. They will be scarred forever from that alone. Please give these children a chance and get them away from her.

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