Investigate Alleged Animal Rights Abuses in “Jackass Forever”

Target: Kimberly Abourezk, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney

Goal: Open an investigation for the animal cruelty that allegedly takes place in the movie “Jackass Forever.”

In the new movie “Jackass Forever” there are animal stunts that are seemingly cruel and abusive. In one scene a scorpion is placed near an actress and hit multiple times by actor Eric Andre to trigger the stinger. They provoke a bull so that it will charge into the lead actor, Johnny Knoxville. This resulted in Knoxville having injuries and a brain hemorrhage. In another scene, a tarantula is placed in a tube between two actors’ faces while they are screaming. Further, a turtle was harassed until it bit the testicles of one actor and a captive snake was provoked into biting an actor’s nose. They also had honeybees being provoked into stinging an actor’s testicles. This resulted in the deaths of many of the bees. These animals are seemingly being harmed for the entertainment of others.

PETA believes the movie may have violated California animal cruelty laws. The state has a ban on animal fighting. By using living creatures as props, it subjects them to abusive and harmful conditions. Sign below and urge Kimberly Abourezk to investigate the alleged animal cruelty that took place in this movie.


Dear Kimberly Abourezk,

Please open an investigation into the alleged animal cruelty that took place in “Jackass Forever.” The animals were seemingly exploited and harmed for entertainment. For example, multiple bees died after being provoked into stinging one of the actors and other animals were harassed into biting or defending themselves.

No animals should ever be used as props. By opening an investigation, it can set a precedent for the rest of the public that these actions are absolutely not okay. It can also stop animals from being used as props for further entertainment in future “Jackass” movies. We must make sure no one believes they are above the law no matter whether they are famous or not.


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Photo Credit: Colleen Benelli


  1. Animals are not intangible objects and therefore not props to be used for human entertainment! Animals are living beings who share the same planet as us. They breathe the same air, bleed as we do and feel pain. I am disgusted by these accusations and if true ALL those responsible MUST be prosecuted

  2. Too bad these entitled, scumbag actors weren’t killed on set instead. Would have been justice SERVED. F all of Hollywood, and F the corrupt legal system’s players as well.

  3. The vile,mentally deranged,severe animal abusing/killing scumbags must be put to death.Slow and agonising deaths for these evil cretins is essential!! OH YESSS!!!!!

  4. Ban cat meat trade !!!!

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