Stop Inhumane Camel Wrestling Festival

Target: Mehmet Falakali, former head of the tourism ministry’s Selcuk office

Goal: Stop the festival of camel wrestling occurring in Turkey.

The 40th year of the Camel Wrestling Festival has taken place in Turkey last week. This event takes place annually and thousands of people attend. This year, 152 camels wore saddles and cloths on their humps. The camels wear muzzles to prevent them from using their teeth on each other but nonetheless they fight in sandy areas for everyone to watch. There are referees present as well. The audience sets up tables to barbecue and celebrate the event on the sidelines. This event draws criticism nearly every year from animal rights groups since the camels endure abuse and many injuries during the event. The festival is even being called a criminal act.

The camels are also paraded through the streets for a “pageant” before the festival. They are not only being abused by wrestling but also exploited for the entertainment of humans. Allegedly, the camels are separated if things get too intense. It is said the camels cannot actually injure each other but, why in the world are camels wrestling? It should not happen at all. The festival organizers excuse the acts by saying it is a tradition and because the event has successfully gone on for years, it should not be stopped. This is not an excuse to put the camels through such abuse for the 40th year in a row.


Dear Mehmet Falakali,

Your support of this inhumane camel wrestling festival is unacceptable. An animal rights activist group has clearly expressed their concerns and yet, no one has spoken to them about the festival. It is wrong and the camels are in extreme danger due to the actions of the people participating in this event. You have the responsibility to listen to the opposition and ultimately keep your animals safe, and we demand you try to understand the perspective of those who oppose the event. Although it is a tradition, that does not mean it is right. Camels are being exploited and used for entertainment and that is unfair, unsafe, and inhumane. You must listen to the people who disagree and see the wrongdoings of the event. Think about the camels and how they do not deserve this abuse year after year.


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  1. This is definitely a criminal act! How can you allow this cruelty to occur much less continue? STOP THIS ABUSE NOW! No animals should be used for human entertainment! Please do not continue to subject these innocent camels to such torturous treatment

  2. We probably have little influence over the right or wrong of this tragic entertainment. This obscene and horrific activity is abusive and beyond brutal. It is like Bull fighting, Cock fighting, dog fighting, and many other such so called entertainments. People don’t deserve Nature and certainly not animals. People are so self centered no matter the culture. The way people treat animals is the way they will be viewed by the world. This is tragic and this activity is beneath even that. There is no hope for people to be more compassionate. Humans are what they are and unfortunately they rarely change for the better.

  3. Gee I wonder whose dumbass idea this was… I’d like to get that person at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition and let my son take him and twist him into tiny little knots.. until he can’t breathe

  4. Such acts by sick people

  5. This is just disgusting, dressing animals up and forcing them to fight is about as stupid as it gets and is nothing more than animal abuse of the lowest type. Camels are used for so many things in desert areas, why would you want to torment and abuse animals you rely on and that make your life easier? This is an affront to God and makes you look like barbarians.

  6. Linda L Cummings says:

    How do people become this stupid and barbaric? The worst part is they seem to enjoy being this ignorant.

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