Condemn Gucci’s Exploitation of Tigers in Latest Advertisement

Target: Marco Bizzarri, CEO of Gucci

Goal: Condemn Gucci for using real life tigers in their most recent advertisement.

World renowned designer ‘Gucci’ is under fire for using real life tigers as props for their newest advertisement. Time and time again we see big celebrities and brands exploiting wild animals for profit. They are just not meant to be confined to such conditions. Gucci argues that they are using their ads to promote raising funds for endangered species, yet they are the ones putting the animals at risk by reportedly containing them to spaces they are not meant to be in.

Not only are animal rights groups voicing their disapproval, but customers are as well. The Gucci Instagram comments are flooded with people speaking up for the tigers’ welfare. It is likely that these tigers were confined to cages before being photographed and were removed from their habitats. Lots of activists are arguing that using the tigers as an advertising tactic encourages the illegal trade of wild animals; it promotes the idea of being able to have ownership of them. Many also argue that it is a form of abuse to put them through the travel, bright lights, and cameras of the photoshoots and transport. Gucci insists the tigers were filmed in a safe environment, but that is not enough. They should not be there at all as it can be considered inhumane and dangerous for animals to be used in such a way.

It is not enough to take the word of Gucci when they state the tigers were safe in the making of the photos. This is about so much more than the photoshoot itself. It contributes to a bigger world problem of illegal trade, abuse of tigers and big cats, and the idea that we can own wild animals, take them from their homes, exploit them, and thus further endanger them. Tigers are meant to live in the wild, flourish there, and live as the wild animals they are. In no way do they belong in an advertisement for a designer brand as big as Gucci.

Sign below and condemn Gucci for promoting such cruel ideas and actions.


Dear Marco Bizzarri,

It is unacceptable to use real life tigers in your advertisements. You and your brand are under fire from customers and animal rights group. By using tigers in your ad, you are promoting the illegal trade of big cats and exploiting them. This is a huge problem and contributes to the larger issue that is animal abuse of wildlife. Saying that the tigers were safe during the photoshoot and that you are promoting raising money for the endangered species is not enough of an excuse.

With Gucci having such a huge influence on the world, the impact of your message is astronomical. I demand that you stop using live animals in your ads, apologize for the exploitation of the animals, and never do it again.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ


  1. Kat Gonzalez says:

    The rich just become more and more gross and inhumane. Gucci, HA, would never buy from them even if they paid me to take their over valued, ugly, pitiless crap.

  2. What the hell? Tigers are not meant to be in front of cameras and artificial lights! No animals should be used for human greed and profit. STOP THIS INHUMANE TREATMENT OF THESE INNOCENT TIGERS

  3. Screw the fashion industry! It’s been a blight forever! Wear whatever the hell you WANT to wear, not what they TELL you you should wear. Quit buying their shit!

  4. Boycott this vile scumbag,animal abusing company.Lets send these bastards and all other animal abusing companies bankrupt!

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