Charge Police Officer Who Allegedly Left Dog in Car to Die


Target: Hallie S. Dixon, District Attorney of Baldwin District County

Goal: Bring officer up on charges for reportedly leaving his dog in a hot car.

A dog was allegedly left in a hot car by the policeman who was supposed to be looking out for his welfare, yet the officer is not being charged with animal cruelty.

Police Officer Josh Coleman allegedly left his dog inside his car while he attended a work conference. While he did let the dog out for a short time period, the dog was callously thrown back in the car and left there for the remainder of the meeting. Officer Coleman’s excuse for doing this was simply that he “forgot” about his companion.

Although the police department said they were not filing charges, the District Attorney recently announced that charges may still be filed. Contrary to this news, Officer Coleman has been granted the right to walk free until the case is further looked over.

Sign this petition and demand this officer be brought up on animal cruelty charges. If nothing is done, even more dogs are likely to die in silence without justice ever being served.


Dear Ms. Dixon,

A dog died because his police partner allegedly left him in a hot car. Other officers are liable to get away with committing acts of animal cruelty if the officer is not brought up on animal abuse charges.

When Officer Josh Coleman attended a police conference, he made a conscious decision to leave his dog in the car for a majority of the time he was there. Although the officer took his dog to the vet after he realized it had been in the car too long, his excuse claiming he simply “forgot” to check on his dog is pathetic.

Because Officer Coleman “forgot” to check on his companion, the dog endured painful amounts of suffering that was only relieved by death the next day. Not bringing up this man on charges after he clearly committed an act of animal abuse is inexcusable and is just as unacceptable as Officer Coleman saying he didn’t check on his dog because he “forgot” the animal was in the car.

For these reasons, I urge you to strongly suggest to the police department that Officer Coleman be brought up on animal cruelty charges. While it may be true that he honestly didn’t remember to check on his dog, any other citizen would likely not get away with giving the same argument to either an officer or the court.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: MC Morgan

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  1. Barbara Van Tuyl says:

    Police officer, doctor, lawyer, indian chief…it makes not difference. Animal cruelty is a FELONY in effect in all 50 states since May 2014. This “forgetful” officer needs to be fired from the police force and prohibited from ever owning, handling, working with or engaging in any pursuit involving ANY animals for the rest of his “forgetful” life , then arrested, charged with Felony animal cruelty, fined to the max and sentenced to maximum jail time allowed. That this dog died is further reason to jail this officer whose duty it is to protect and serve people and even now, if you see a dog in a hot car in distress, you can call a policeman, break a window, do SOMETHING!! Wherever this is, if they keep this man on the force, there is something drastically wrong with the system!

  2. Susan Trout says:

    In my previous job, I was in charge of monitoring the number of incidents associated with people leaving dogs unattended in cars during hot weather. The number of dogs that died as a result of this horrific behavior was indeed shocking. What was even worse is that a number of these dogs who suffered a truly inhumane and cruel death were police officers. In one instance, an officer who had worked an especially long shift went home, parked his car in the driveway, and went in the house and fell asleep. He didn’t wake up until early afternoon. By that time, the dog had suffocated to death. There is absolutely no excuse to forgot your partner–whether he has two legs or four. This officer should be suspended, charged with animal cruelty, be fined, and never allowed to own another police dog again. Would he have forgotten his son?

  3. Cynthia Rae says:

    People get fired for not doing their job. This law enforcement officer did not do his job. He also killed his animal partner because he “forgot”! He really should have a prison term to help him remember to do his job and reflect on what he did. Penalties and punishment are what some individuals need to walk a straight path. In this case, a really long time put away would be appropriate.

  4. There is no excuse for anyone to leave a helpless animal in a hot car …. and especially a police officer !!! This guy needs to be FIRED and charged with ANIMAL CRUELTY !!!!!!! If any ordinary citizen committed such an atrocity, there would be a penalty. So why does a police officer receive carte blanche ???????

  5. caryl sawyer says:

    First, why was this indolent person given a dog? Other people are responsible for this error.

    Second, he did not “forget,” he was doing something other than attending a conference. Something he deemed more important.

    Let’s not be naive.

  6. Make him accountable for his actions!

  7. why is this officer not being brought up on charges of animal cruelty, I am sure if it was a child he would have remembered then, looking after your own as usual, I know what I would do with him if I could get my hands on him preferably round his neck
    a poor animal lost its life and painfully because of a prick of a copper BASTARD

  8. Is this a Police Officer we’re talking about OR some ignorant & negligent criminal?! This is unbelievable! — A dog should NEVER have been assigned to this cop — The suffering this dog endured at the hands of someone who — is supposed to be rational & sane & compassionate — should’ve known better — my heart breaks for this sweet animal! This Officer should be held accountable and punished — ANIMALS HAVE VALUE — ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS — WE DO NOT WANT REPEATS OF CRIMES & ABUSE AGAINST ANIMALS! In my book, this cop broke the law! The penalty should be severe!

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