Elderly Yorkie Reportedly Killed on Camera Deserves Justice

Target: Lisa Smittcamp, District Attorney of Fresno County, CA

Goal: Prosecute man accused of killing elderly dog to the fullest extent.

A beloved 16-year-old family dog lost his life in an alleged act of animal cruelty. Surveillance footage apparently captured the dog, named Artie, being grabbed by a man outside of the property where the animal lived. The video seems to show the man moving away from the camera and returning a short time later with the now-deceased dog, whom he puts in a garbage can and leaves. Authorities reportedly identified the suspect as Aaron Cumpton, who now faces animal cruelty charges.

While Cumpton has been barred from unsupervised contact with animals, he was not jailed while he awaited legal proceedings. He has pled not guilty, despite the video evidence seemingly implicating him. This suspect also now faces accusations that he killed another pet dog while house-sitting for a different family. The dog in the separate case had apparently sustained severe and ultimately lethal neck injuries under Cumpton’s care.

This possible serial animal abuser must be held accountable. He faces up to three years of jail time. Sign the petition below to ensure he receives maximum punishment if found guilty.


Dear Ms. Smittcamp,

A camera outside a family’s home captured a horrific incident in which a man seemingly brutally killed the family’s pet dog and then disposed of the body like trash. Authorities believe they have the man, Aaron Cumpton, caught in the video. Now, the legal system must do its job.

According to an acquaintance, Cumpton may very well have committed a similar offense of deadly animal cruelty on at least one other occasion. Please vet these new accusations and consider further charges if they prove credible. Most importantly, please pursue a penalty that will ensure this alleged abuser never has the opportunity to harm another living being.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Magda Ehlers


  1. How heartbreaking and disgusting that this monster is free without bail! If it was a person killed, would he still be free??? Animals are loving, living beings who deserve to have rights and be protected-not killed!! I listened to his “apology “ and he was only saying what he thought people wanted to hear- he showed absolutely no remorse-only that he was caught!!! This abuse needs to be taken very seriously-not with just anger management classes!!! Torture should be done-jail is just free room and board for criminals.

  2. What’s taking so long to capture and throw this monster away for a very long time?

  3. This evil,mentally dweranged scumbag dog killer must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death is essential for this cretin.

  4. Really? A grown man against a old yorkie, a dog barely the size of this killer’s foot. This so called human needs to be put away once and for all. How many more innocent and beloved animals have to die before something serious is done about this creep?

  5. Why not do to this monster what he did and has probably done before and got away with it just like now. WHEN WHEN will the law do what needs to be done to these monsters???? EYE FOR A EYE I SAY !!!!!

  6. This piece of shit needs to be severely punished!

  7. Donna M Carlson says:

    Why do you keep calling him an abuser? He’s a MURDER. plain and simple. He should be tried and sentenced as such.

  8. My heart breaks for Doggie Artie & others — Get ABUSER-KILLER Aaron Cumpton & arrest him — he’s a danger to the community – who’s next on his KILL LIST? – ensure the PSYCHO does not adopt nor come anywhere near Animals – he WILL repeat his horrific murders if not stopped

  9. American Girl says:

    Lock this inbred bitch boy up, paint a target on his back & tell the inmates what hes done! Justice, I assure you, will prevail! This is the prime example of the abortion his mother should have had. What an oxygen thief!

  10. Carolyn Ecton says:

    Lisa Smittcamp, District Attorney of Fresno County, CA: What has been done about this?

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