Puppies Reportedly Abandoned to Die Near Busy Road Deserve Justice

Target: Warren County, TN District Attorney General Lisa S. Zavogiannis

Goal: Give man prison sentence if proven guilty of abandoning helpless puppies on side of highway.

Ronnie Bain reportedly left five puppies on the side of a busy road. Authorities stated that two of the animals died shortly afterwards. Bain needs to receive a harsh legal sentence if he is found guilty of this cruel act.

Although officers were able to rescue three of the puppies, one of them apparently had to be euthanized shortly after being taken to a nearby veterinary hospital. Police also seized the mother of the five young dogs, and she is now in the custody of Warren County Animal Control.

Experts claim that puppies do not fully develop their sight and hearing until they are at least eight weeks old. While it is not known why the animals in this case died, they would not have had the ability to hear or see cars as well as an adult dog if they were dumped outside, leaving them in an extremely vulnerable position. Scientists further claim that abandoned puppies can form serious issues later in life, such as severe separation anxiety. Therefore, the puppies that survived may eventually develop behavioral issues.

It is important that Bain spend time in prison if he is found guilty of purposely abandoning these animals, to better ensure other puppies will not be harmed. Sign this petition to demand these puppies receive the justice they deserve.


Dear District Attorney General Zavogiannis,

Ronnie Bain is facing six counts of animal cruelty after he allegedly dropped five puppies next to a road. Three of the puppies reportedly died soon afterwards. It is imperative that justice is sought for these animals so that other puppies will be less likely to be harmed or killed.

Although reports do not indicate the exact reason why the puppies died, they likely had difficulty surviving on their own since an abandoned adult dog will usually only survive between four to six days outside. Because puppies are not able to fully see or hear until they are around eight weeks old, they were put in a seemingly defenseless position. Two of the puppies were reportedly found dead at the scene, and it was stated that one had to be euthanized.

While it is good news that the mother dog was rescued and two of the other puppies survived, justice should be obtained for the animals reported to have died. I therefore demand you seek a tough punishment for Bain if he is found guilty of abandoning these animals.


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Photo Credit: Romeenathomas 


  1. Sure hope the evil punk is caught and removed from society forever..Hopefully a huge fine will be levied also…IMO

  2. Please stop this man from further contact with animals and get him the help that he denied the puppies that he intentionally left near a roadside to die a horrible death. He deserves nothing but the harshest and most serious punishment for his depraved behavior

  3. American Girl says:

    Lock this fkn inbred hillbilly up and ban him from EVER owning, possessing or getting near ANY animal ever again! This oxygen thief deserves no mercy.

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