Save Nearly 2,000 Pet Store Animals From Death

Target: Leung Siu-fai, Director of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

Goal: Stop the killing of nearly 2,000 small animals.

After several people tested positive for COVID at a pet store in Hong Kong, the government announced they will be killing nearly 2,000 small animals to help prevent the spread of the virus. These animals could include hamsters and chinchillas. Several hamsters brought from the Netherlands to this pet shop reportedly tested positive, therefore infecting the employees. The city is also stopping the selling and import of hamsters and small animals.

Hong Kong authorities are not ruling out the possible transmission from animal to human of these COVID cases. Owners of hamsters that were bought after January 7th must quarantine as well as hand their hamsters over to be killed in a “humane way.” If the hamster was bought before this date, the owners and animals will be tested and if their pets are positive they must quarantine. Hong Kong’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals voiced their concerns and urged the government to possibly change their approach.

Call on Hong Kong’s leaders to stop this unnecessary slaughter of innocent creatures.


Dear Leung Siu-fai,

The nearly 2,000 small animals who are slated to be put to death after pet store patrons tested positive for COVID do not deserve to be killed. Please review this approach and come up with a different less cruel way to handle this situation. Taking away people’s pets that they have already grown to love is extremely disheartening. The animals and pet owners do not deserve that. If the pet owner and pet do a mandatory quarantine together and get tested after the animals can possibly be saved. Listen to the Hong Kong Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, they are urging you to take a different approach that will in the end keep the animals safe.


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  1. Please treat each case as unique. If the animal and guardian do not test positive then don’t kill the pet. It’s as simple as that. Animals are living, breathing creatures and each should be treated individually

  2. The words “humane” and “China” don’t belong in the same sentence. This is a country that tortures dogs before slaughter to make their meat more “healthful.” If you want another example of inhumane treatment of animals, check out what the Chinese do to bears to extract their bile for useless folk medicine.

  3. You can say that again,Czerny A!!! The cruellest race on earth.

  4. Teresa Ferreira-Pires says:

    It’s a pity that someone doesn’t kill those bastards in a “humane way” also, the planet would be thankful. People like that are just human garbage.
    Sick of these monsters.

  5. L. Westbrook says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. The Chinese are killing these animals because they think Covid was spread by the animals!?!? The country where Covid was supposed to originate from? This guy guy is mentally deficient. That’s plain stupidity, makes me sick. Covid said to be a test tube virus. Actually it’s the flu, plain and simple. You don’t catch it from a hamster or fish or snake or dog,cat ,bird, whatever they have in their pet stores. You catch it from people. Starting with China from where it was originated. Maybe this guy should just start killing people instead of pet store animals. Although seems the Chinese just like to kill.. anything.

  6. Pet stores are big business. China and Japan place living seahorses, cabs and more in a lucite charm and make it into a keyring. Really? Yes, many cultures have no respect or compassion. Humans are so stupid. They kill first and ask questions later if they ask at all. Covid has been a game changer but notice humans haven’t learned anything positive from the experience. We still use and abuse for profit or what we feel is entertainment. Humans don’t deserve animals.

  7. We need to unite together and exterminate by means of slow and agonising deaths, these filthbag,ugly ,slant eye ,brainless asian scumbag animal killing pos.

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