Free Lolita the Orca From Apparent Starvation, Neglect, and Abuse

Target: Fernando Eiroa, CEO of Miami Seaquarium

Goal: Move Lolita the orca out of a seemingly abusive and neglectful aquarium.

Lolita the orca is approximately 20 feet long, yet she has lived in an enclosure that is too small for 50 years. It is the smallest and oldest enclosure for her kind and the tank may not meet the minimum horizontal dimension as outlined in the federal Animal Welfare Act. It is completely inhumane to keep an animal that swims up to 100 miles in one day in such a cramped area for so many years. A dolphin named Catalina lived in the enclosure with Lolita and that reportedly resulted in her death, as a killer whale and a dolphin should not be in the same living space.

Lolita’s meal rations were allegedly diminished, resulting in her being more one edge as usual. She apparently developed lesions on her eyes which can result from performing under the sun with little to no shade. She has also reportedly been forced to perform headfirst jumps while having an injured jaw. The United States Department of Agriculture is investigating amid the deaths and the apparently unsafe infrastructure at the aquarium. PETA has an ongoing lawsuit against the aquarium to hopefully free Lolita.

Sign below and demand that Lolita be moved to an environment where she can thrive.


Dear Fernando Eiroa,

The Miami Seaquarium needs to be held responsible for the apparent inhumane conditions Lolita has been facing. The enclosure she has been in is reportedly unacceptable for an orca or any animal. Lolita deserves the right meal rations, a safe place to live and swim, and the right treatment when she is injured. Lolita should not be performing when she is injured or under the sun with no shade, seemingly resulting in even more injuries. Lolita deserves to be moved to a place where she will be treated correctly.

Please give Lolita her freedom after so many years of seemingly being treated inhumanely. Treat all your animals with the respect and correct care that they deserve and are meant to have.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gregory Smith


  1. Shut this cruel place down and put the staff in prison.

  2. Michele Brulee says:

    Horrible let her go she is not a pet in a tank?

  3. Sharon Holdsworth says:

    The more I read of these awful situations about the creatures we share our planet with it makes me cry to be a human . We are by no doubt the worst of the worst to inhabit this planet.
    I will never understand why some not all individuals want to hurt an animal, great or small. It’s not untill its brought to our attention that we become aware of the scale at which abuse and torture is going on . It breaks my heart to think of the suffering these innocent creatures endure at some of the hands . How dare we! From clothing, to shoes to eating these precious creatures, also to become a source of entertainment! Captured and made to perform for our entertainment. Who do we think we are! Every night I pray for all the creatures but I realise only we as individuals can make a difference to these animals.if we all make changes to the way we see fashion and how we are blinded by the media , the food industry which is pumped full of chemicals to our own entertainment, watching these creatures confined to a prison life. We all need to take stock before we kill our one and only planet we call home and all the beautiful creatures we have in our garden , the garden and seas of the earth .

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