Justice for Endangered Tiger Killed Due to Careless Mistake

Target: The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Garden

Goal: Protect animals from careless actions by workers.

An endangered tiger was killed by a sheriff at the Naples Zoo due to an apparent careless act by a zoo worker. This worker was not meant to be anywhere near the animals or the tiger enclosure. Eko, an 8-year-old Malayan tiger that arrived in 2019 to the zoo was apparently approached by a worker meant to clean restrooms and gift shops after hours. It is unknown whether this worker entered to feed or pet Eko. He was not meant or trained to be near the tiger or any of the animals. The man reportedly approached the tiger, reaching his arm into the fencing of the enclosure. The tiger grabbed the man’s arm out of fear and protecting himself because this man was not a familiar face for the tiger. When a sheriff arrived on the scene, he was “forced to shoot the tiger” after the tiger would not let go. Thus, resulting in killing an extremely endangered species.

Malayan tigers are found at the southern tip of Thailand. They are critically threatened by poachers and habitat loss in their homeland. Eko being at the Naples Zoo was meant to keep him safe but ultimately is the reason he was killed. He died because of an apparent careless human act. The zoo had no further comment after explaining the incident in general detail. Sign the petition below to demand that the Naples Zoo come out with a statement to console the public that they will advance security to keep their animals safe and protect the critically endangered species from workers that are not trained to be around the animals.


Dear Naples Zoo at Caribbean Garden,

The zoo is meant to keep critically endangered species safe from what they would be experiencing in their homeland. It is disheartening to hear this story. Not coming out with a statement that rules will be enforced or security will be enhanced shows that the animals residing there do not mean as much as they should to the zoo. The worker who is apparently responsible for this should be held accountable for his alleged actions that resulted in Eko’s death.

Please train workers more effectively on why they should not interact with animals if it is not their duty to do so. Highlight the importance of these animals by having better security to keep them safe. Come out with a statement condemning the behavior of the worker that apparently broke into the tiger enclosure. Lastly, express the zoo’s remorse and take accountability for what happened to Eko. Eko deserves justice and recognition and endangered species at the zoo deserve safety and security.


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Photo Credit: Rennett Stowe


  1. Being such an ‘important’ officer like sherif you have to show of with your gun. I hope that sherif won’t have a peaceful sleep for the rest of his life in the knowledge that the situation could have been handled differently. And that stupid person who went in tiger enclosure hopefully learnt a lesson that he will remember for the rest of his life.

  2. How sad for this tiger. I’m sure the sheriff could’ve handled this situation differently. The stupid worker should be fired!

    • I feel the same way, the tiger could have been tranquilized, NO need to kill him PLUS I feel the officer
      should be charged & fined.
      What was his IQ??? even a small child of 5 would never do that.
      I do hope he is fired with a hefty FINE.

  3. The worker needs to be in prison for this act!!! The sheriff should be fired/ and face jail time also- He should have let the tiger chew the freaking idiots arm off instead of shooting it.

  4. American+Girl says:

    This fucking idiot should be in jail. Let the boys give him a life lesson!

  5. Okay zoo, if you insist on caging beautiful animals like this, shouldn’t you put up some sort of double fencing so idiots like that guy can’t reach through the fence? And that guy should not just be fired he should face prison time for what he did. Somewhere I heard he was drunk at the time, but worse yet is the fact he was stupid. As far as the cop, I think there may have been different options, but he was kind of between a rock and a hard place because of how he would be treated by the media. I don’t know if this is reasonable but could he have gotten close, and shot the tiger in the leg? I don’t know if the animal would be able to walk after that, frankly, but at least there would be a living tiger. Poor creature.

  6. Julia Edinger says:


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