Crack Down on Puppy Mills


Target: Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder

Goal: Regulate puppy mills to ensure humane treatment.

Puppy mills could finally experience proper regulation pending Michigan legislation to improve conditions and tackle animal abuse. Breeders often house dogs in unsanitary conditions, providing little to no recreation and rarely meeting their most basic needs. Several states have already implemented legislation to place restrictions on puppy mills and protect consumers from inadvertently supporting the harmful practice. Michigan is next on this list. Ask Governor Rick Snyder to support legislation to regulate puppy mills and ensure the humane treatment of dogs across the state.

While not all breeders subscribe to the nightmarish conditions we often speak of, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the few inhumane puppy mills left are forced to change their ways. These harmful conditions can include lack of food and water, unsanitary conditions, improper veterinarian care, and cramped living conditions. Dogs forced to breed can live this way for years, rarely experiencing human interaction or stepping foot outside.

State Representatives Christine Greig and Sarah Roberts seek to put an end to this practice. Proposed legislation would require breeders to provide sanitary living conditions and proper medical care. Please sign this petition to ask Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to sign legislation that seeks to improve living conditions at puppy mills.


Dear Governor Snyder,

Many states have already passed laws to regulate puppy mills and maintain safe living conditions for dogs. Michigan has an opportunity to take a stand for animal rights and protect consumers from unknowingly supporting abusive puppy mills.

Some of the worst puppy mills currently force dogs to breed excessively, putting little effort into maintaining their health in the process. Breeders seek to maximize profits, often exhibiting blatant disregard for the animals in their care. Dogs are forced to live in unsanitary conditions with little to no room for proper exercise. This is no life for a living creature.

Passing legislation to crack down on puppy mills and ensure the well-being of dogs will produce excellent results. Potential pet owners are more likely to adopt an animal from a breeder with good ethics, albeit required by law. Slowly, the stigma of puppy mills can begin to change when the public sees dogs living in safe, desirable conditions.

Please sign legislation to crack down on animal abuse in puppy mills and take a stand for animal rights in your state.


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Photo Credit: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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  1. Elizabeth Charlton says:

    If we don’t have the financial resources to pay for the necessary oversight of these ‘businesses’, then close them down! It is inexplicable that we would allow people to treat our beloved human companions this way.

  2. Maureen LoCascio says:

    End Puppy Mills now

  3. Stan Benton says:

    Yes, more humane laws to regulate puppy mills in Michigan would be fine. But with all of the unwanted dogs around the world, and in the U.S. specifically, one might wonder why any person would buy any dog. (I know, some consider themselves “elite” if they buy an expensive dog and take it to dog shows.) If a normal person wants a dog, how about visiting your nearest pound or shelter. Maybe you can rescue your long term loving companion before it gets murdered by the pound? Hey, no demand – no puppy mills.

    • Thank you for this comment. I am so glad to see another articulate person out there feels the same as I. I tell everyone I meet who wants a dog that I will personally help them find and adopt one from a rescue or a kill shelter. I think with the current problem of overpopulation of dogs and cats, ALL breeding businesses should be put on hold until every kill shelter is empty, or at least doesn’t need to kill an animal for space, and until every dog or cat who needs a loving home has one. We also need mandated spay and neutering to get the situation under control. If we had strict laws in place for just a few years, 3-5 maybe, the problem would be fixed. Zero population growth for that long would put a huge dent in the number of unwanted dogs and cats.

  4. Deborah Craig says:

    Despite there being too many dogs and cats in every city’s dog-(im)pound, there’s probably an equal amount of uncaring people ready to breed animals. They’re in it for whatever money they can get and never mind the misery of the animals living in small cages 24/7: smell, noise, no social life, plus more I don’t even want to know. Animals are just another product to sell.

  5. les usines a chiots et autre animaux ne devraient pas exister et un controle tres poussé et sticte dans certaine conditions pour ces élevages

  6. Stop buying & start adopting!

  7. get a ban on puppy farms and treat them properly not like shit that is people. GET IT SORTED NOW


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