Man Accused of Strangling and Kicking Cats to Death Must be Punished

Target: Bill Fulbright, MT’s Ravalli County Attorney

Goal: Prosecute man accused of fatally strangling and kicking cats to the fullest extent.

A family dispute reportedly turned tragic for two innocent cats. Brandon Scott Amos allegedly began a rampage at his father’s house that included shooting up property in the home, wielding an axe, and threatening to stab his dad. Most horrific of all, the father claimed his son brutally killed two pet cats. Amos apparently strangled one cat and kicked a second cat to death.

Despite these seemingly blatant acts of animal cruelty, Amos was not charged with cruelty-related offenses. His charges only included assault with a weapon and so-called criminal mischief. Both of these charges appear unrelated to the alleged deliberate killing of vulnerable animals.

Sign the petition below to demand legal leadership do their jobs and bring full charges in this disturbing cases.


Dear Mr. Fulbright,

Montana has clear animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty statutes on the books. These laws exist to safeguard vulnerable living beings from horrific crimes committed against them. Why were such charges absent in the case of Brandon Scott Amos: a man who reportedly confessed to brutally killing two of his father’s pet cats?

Do you really consider the alleged strangulation and beating of innocent animals nothing more than “criminal mischief”? Are you aware that animal cruelty often strongly predicts acts of even greater violence? Please revisit this case and bring forth charges that truly reflect the gravity of the accused crimes.


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Photo Credit: Francesco Ungaro


  1. It is unbelievable what people are allowed to get away with in the abuse of animals and there are no consequences. It is unacceptable and laws MUST be changed to stop this cruelty. However, it does not seem that the government is at all concerned with the level of cruelty that is rampant in this country and nothing is done about the abuse!!!

  2. Shirley Lemieux says:

    A man murders 2 individuals and this crime has been swept under the carpet. Yet another bad decision and failure of authorities to not charge this evil monster Brandon Scott Amos.

  3. Authorities are NOT doing their job! This evil monster needs to be put away for a very long time!!

    • Elia – This monster psychopathic animal torturing murdering sick bastard must be sentenced to death. Kill it and torture it to death making sure this psychopathic vile nd evil pos dies in excruciating agony!!!!!

  4. Dawn Nelson says:

    Anyone that would do such a horrific thing to helpless animals needs to be punished severely!! What a disgusting waste if humanity!

    • Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

      and nothing less!!


      As a side note what we’d really love to see is an eye for an eye.

      Nothing would make us happier than to see this phucking p.o.s. have the exact same thing done to it, kicked and strangled to death!!! That my friends will teach these pathetic losers to possibly think before they commit such heinous acts of viscous cruelty. SCUM BAG!!!

  5. Aristeidis Simopoulos says:

    Fuck him and kick him to death in jail.

  6. Ann Younghusband says:

    Cats are sentient beings, they feel pain and fear just like us. This pitiful excuse for a man needs taking off the streets and preferably given a dose of his own medicine!!!

  7. I hope this dirty monster rots in jail!!!

  8. Do not let him go without being punished, these poor animals deserve to be loved and taken great care of just like humans do, they feel pain just like we do!!

  9. Bill Fulbright, MT’s Ravalli County Attorney

    This lowlife psychopathic animal torturing murdering monster pos Brandon Scott Amos must be sentenced too death for deliberately and heinously torturing and murdering two precious and innocent cats by the vilest of torture this monster could commit by strangling and kicking the precious and inocent cats to death.

    A family dispute reportedly turned tragic for two innocent cats. This pos monster Brandon Scott Amos deliberately began a rampage at his father’s house that included shooting up property in the home, wielding an axe, and threatening to stab his dad. Most horrific of all, the father claimed his monster son deliberately and heinously tortured two precious Cats to death. This evil lowlife pos Amos deliberately strangled one innocent and helpless Cat and deliberately kicked the innocent second cat to death.

    This lowlife psyhopathic deliberate animal torturing murdering monster pos Amos must be eradicated from the planet. This evil pos will continue torturing and murdering innocent and helpess sentient beings if not eradicated from the Planet.Kill it slowly and let this evil psychopathic pos suffer in agony as this monsters innocent victims endured.

    RIP precious Puddys. You have crossed the beautiful Rainbow Bridge into beautiful Animal Heaven. Two beautiful and innocent souls deliberately and heinously tortured to death. No more suffering just pure peace.

  10. People do this every dam day and I can never understand why! Why isn’t the same thing done to them? I don’t know what to say about this anymore, but I do hope these assholes get what they deserve. Maybe just shoot them?

  11. America’s culture = Guns , Killing animals for any reason, Consumption of animals, Abusing animals ect.
    So I can see why this POS gets a slap on the wrist. This country has a culture of cruelty to animals.

  12. Kathleen+I+Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Failure of you, the authorities to act and punish this POS for killing these animals makes you just as guilty as if you did the deed. If authorities keep looking the other way and making these deals with these abhorrent and violent individuals, you serve nobody, nothing changes, and the animals still suffer. The only thing that looking the other way accomplishes is to keep these derelict in the street and emote them to commit more heinous acts, knowing there’s no accountability. If this POS can do this to animals, then it’s a short walk to humans. Let’s try something different for a change and be a champion for the true victims – those that have no voice but continue to lose at every turn. Wake up and do the right thing.

  13. An eye for an eye is warranted. Shoot or hang this damn piece of shit of a human being!

  14. Yeah this man needs to be punished. I would love for him to suffer the way he made them suffer but I can recognize that’s not how we function in a civilized society. I do feel he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison for all the crimes he committed. We have to start giving meaningful punishment’s for cruelty to animals or it will never stop. We can and have to do better than a slap on the wrist. It takes a truly sick mind to kill or torture animals and we need to get them off the street. If they can do this to cats they can just as easily do this to a defenseless child.

  15. Leslie+Durgain says:

    Two points of the McDonald triad were disproved, but the third point ANIMAL ABUSE still holds true. Animal abuse is sadistic and leads to serial abuse of humans. We need to hold these sadists accountable with stronger punishments. Animal abuse should be punished as if the violence were done against humans, because that is the logical next step.

  16. When is law enforcement going to realize that animal cruelty is a precursor to much more serious acts toward humanity? This has been proven through studies time and time again!!

  17. This vile,mentally deranged animal killing scumbag must have the death penalty implemented.A slow and agonising death is essential.I am ready,willing and ale to help perform this procedure!!

  18. Milantia Roy says:


  19. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Dear Mr. Fulbright,

    GET RID OF Brandon Scott Amos, he is a monster who doesn’t deserve to be alive! Please confine him to jail, or better still to a ‘nut house’ for the rest of his miserable existence!

  20. Gabriela Torres says:

    Re. Brandon Scott Amos

    That subhuman should be confined forever to either a maximum-security prison or to a mental institution, so he won’t harm anyone anymore

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