Man Accused of Strangling and Kicking Cats to Death Must be Punished

Target: Bill Fulbright, MT’s Ravalli County Attorney

Goal: Prosecute man accused of fatally strangling and kicking cats to the fullest extent.

A family dispute reportedly turned tragic for two innocent cats. Brandon Scott Amos allegedly began a rampage at his father’s house that included shooting up property in the home, wielding an axe, and threatening to stab his dad. Most horrific of all, the father claimed his son brutally killed two pet cats. Amos apparently strangled one cat and kicked a second cat to death.

Despite these seemingly blatant acts of animal cruelty, Amos was not charged with cruelty-related offenses. His charges only included assault with a weapon and so-called criminal mischief. Both of these charges appear unrelated to the alleged deliberate killing of vulnerable animals.

Sign the petition below to demand legal leadership do their jobs and bring full charges in this disturbing cases.


Dear Mr. Fulbright,

Montana has clear animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty statutes on the books. These laws exist to safeguard vulnerable living beings from horrific crimes committed against them. Why were such charges absent in the case of Brandon Scott Amos: a man who reportedly confessed to brutally killing two of his father’s pet cats?

Do you really consider the alleged strangulation and beating of innocent animals nothing more than “criminal mischief”? Are you aware that animal cruelty often strongly predicts acts of even greater violence? Please revisit this case and bring forth charges that truly reflect the gravity of the accused crimes.


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Photo Credit: Francesco Ungaro


  1. Shawna Flottemesch says:

    I will kill that mother fucker and skin him and cook him for dinner… BBQ human waste for

  2. That monster deserves to be killed! Prison would be too kind for him. What disturbs me is why didn’t the father protect these poor cats? Those poor babies need justice.

    • Father is retard cunt

    • Give me a gun, and it will first shot to his small balls, then one between the eyes point blank.

    • Esther Roberts says:

      The man was shooting, wielding an axe, and threatening his father with a knife. It seems unlikely that the father would have had the opportunity to protect the cats, as I’m sure he longed to do.

  3. This subhuman should have been shot by the Father- self defense! Rot in hell you monster!

  4. Kill that cunt cocksucker

  5. Kathrin+Mäder says:

    I am shocked, that so many of the replyers are as aggresive as the abusers. How should the violence against animals be ended this way?

    • I understand where you are coming from but I think people are tired of the system and this worthless excuse for a human is a danger to society. How many more lives will be taken so he can go on killing innocent animals and people. Why shouldn’t he feel what those innocent cats went through? He also threatened that he was going to stab his dad in the neck. So.. what??? He gets some jail time? A bed, food and doesn’t have to work. Wow, that’s great punishment.

    • I know, it puts me off this site considerably.

      By all means get angry about animal cruelty and do something about it, whatever you can through the proper channels and options, but don’t lower yourself to the level of the abusers.

      • It can be a bit of off-putting. But with or without this site, extremely vile abuse goes on – endlessly. I imagine folk get frustrated and enraged, and -perhaps with some reason- wonder about the value of the abuser’s life..

        There is a difference between their verbal expression, however angry and violent, and actual physical brutality of the abuser.

        But on a purely philosophical level, is there truly any reason to value the life of this particular criminal over the life of his two victims?

    • Joyce O'Malley says:

      Because animals have not rights in the USA
      They needs rights so they are not abused/tortured/killed/eaten
      This is 2022 – animals need protection like people
      The Congress and Senate keep “not passing bills” to protect animals
      We need to step up as citizens and get animal protection bills passed and set as law
      Until this hapoens – websites like this one – will exist

    • Yes, he is taking up air that other people could be breathing. What are you? Some weak, wimpy liberal? Kill the useless human being or even better drop him off with his weapons at your house.

  6. The laws on the books now are a joke. They should be so harsh that any one would think twice before doing anything so heinous against an innocent animal.
    Stiffer prison time–
    and stiffer fines–
    All across the country.
    Never legally own another animal again-
    And should register as an abuser for life-
    Right now it’s a slap on the wrist and a small fine

  7. Marie Cavazos says:

    He needs to punished. Those innocent cats didn’t deserve that.

  8. Raynesha+McGhee-Reed says:

    This Monstrous POS Needs 2 Burn in Hell 4 doing 2 these Poor cats!!!!

  9. TWO innocent lives were brutally taken by the hands and mind of this monster. He knew what he was doing..He MUST BE CHARGED WITH AGGRAVATED ANIMAL CRUELTY AND PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!! OF THE LAW!!! NO slap on the wrist or mischief will do. We want JUSTICE for these two beautiful souls!!

  10. Kick him and then strangle him- what he deserves

  11. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Brandon Scott Amos needs his precious ASS kicked to HELL!!
    PACT Act is Federal Law in the USA – the last I heard – the state of Montana is in the USA
    Why is Brandon Scott Amos so precious that he gets away with animal abuse/torture/killing??? WTF!!! This ASS HOLE Isn’t GETTING FINED OR JAIL TIME??
    Fine Prison time
    No contact with animals for life!!
    Kick this piece of SHIT TO HELL!!

    • Colleen V. says:

      I am with you all the way. This makes me sick. Tired of savages getting away with animal abuse. This POS needs to be extinguished from this planet.

  12. I’d love to be able to strangle and kick this sack of waste to death. He deserves the very worst. Prison wouldn’t be enough, and he won’t get that anyways. Needs to be removed from life, anyway possible. RIP kitties…

  13. This country needs stronger animal abuse laws. No more “slap on the wrist” for these abusers. People who hurt and or kill animals are more likely to hurt and or kill people. Lock this cretin up for a very long time.

  14. I would of beat the hell out of him and leave him for death . That bastard needs to fry in hell and put on death row . Why didn’t the dam dad do anything really .Them poor defensive little cats didn’t deserve to be treated like that I would of went to jail killing the basterd .His dad is to blame to he could of done something and had him arrested . This really pisses me off to enstick. Cold hearted piece of shit wish I could get my dam hands on him poor cats my heart goes out to them little cats .

  15. Sally Grant says:

    If these were my cats, you would be arrested. It doesnt matter if your son terrorises you in this case, what matters is that you allowed him to kill your pets! So, you are just as guilty! Do the same to these 2 sub humans. You should not be allowed to own pets. Fullstop!!

  16. I just cannot anymore.

  17. Laura Rolder says:

    Oh No!!Felony charges is a must. Two innocent living beings lost their lives do to a evil monsters. He must pay the price and be locked away from society.

  18. Send this Boy to Prison & Punishment to the full extent of the Law . Make his Parents turn him in & press Charges for chocking 1 cat to death & Stomping another cat to death . YOU Parents know he done this .

  19. Rose Coffey says:

    The father needs to place this monster son of his in a mental institution. For the son to not be charged with animal cruelty for killing these two cats is unbelievable. Who wants a monster like this out there in society. Of course if I were the father he wouldn’t be living with me anymore – I’d be taking steps to get him as far away from me as possible.

  20. Pamela Chattergoon says:

    His father is as much to blame as he is. This piece of shit father and his apparent retarded offspring need exterminated.

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