Man Accused of Strangling and Kicking Cats to Death Must be Punished

Target: Bill Fulbright, MT’s Ravalli County Attorney

Goal: Prosecute man accused of fatally strangling and kicking cats to the fullest extent.

A family dispute reportedly turned tragic for two innocent cats. Brandon Scott Amos allegedly began a rampage at his father’s house that included shooting up property in the home, wielding an axe, and threatening to stab his dad. Most horrific of all, the father claimed his son brutally killed two pet cats. Amos apparently strangled one cat and kicked a second cat to death.

Despite these seemingly blatant acts of animal cruelty, Amos was not charged with cruelty-related offenses. His charges only included assault with a weapon and so-called criminal mischief. Both of these charges appear unrelated to the alleged deliberate killing of vulnerable animals.

Sign the petition below to demand legal leadership do their jobs and bring full charges in this disturbing cases.


Dear Mr. Fulbright,

Montana has clear animal cruelty and aggravated animal cruelty statutes on the books. These laws exist to safeguard vulnerable living beings from horrific crimes committed against them. Why were such charges absent in the case of Brandon Scott Amos: a man who reportedly confessed to brutally killing two of his father’s pet cats?

Do you really consider the alleged strangulation and beating of innocent animals nothing more than “criminal mischief”? Are you aware that animal cruelty often strongly predicts acts of even greater violence? Please revisit this case and bring forth charges that truly reflect the gravity of the accused crimes.


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Photo Credit: Francesco Ungaro


  1. patricia schwartzman says:

    Jstice for those poor cats!
    Please jail Brandon Scott Amos the ‘soonest’ possible. Criminals like him do not deserve to be free!

  2. Jacqueline - “throw him to sharks” says:

    This sick wad needs to be kicked to death!! Why weren’t the cats protected from that crazy son???

  3. Joyce O'Malley says:

    People who harm animals should be shot – this slime ball should be shot!!!

  4. Why is this criminal not in jail??? Animal cruelty is a felony by federal standards, and you, Mr. Fulbright, in turning a blind eye, are not doing your job. And people who don’t do their jobs deserve to be fired. I have not an ounce of sympathy for animal abusers, and if it were up to me, Brandon Scott would get a dose of his own medicine and it would be fully deserved. But since I am not in charge, I demand that you hold him accountable for his reprehensible actions. Harming animals is a sign of a psychopath, and it’s a proven fact that serial killers start out by hurting animals. Brandon Scott belongs in jail preferable in the same cell with an animal lover. Let justice be done.

  5. This vile cat killing scumbag must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential.

  6. Breanne+Bennett says:

    Just disgusting. RIP, poor things.

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