Pet Marmoset Force-Fed Cocaine and Nearly Flushed Down Toilet Deserves Justice

Target: George Eustice, Minister of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Ensure woman who pled guilty to animal cruelty charges receives fitting punishment.

A woman in south Wales apparently made a habit of cruelly harassing and abusing her pet marmoset. A video shows Vicki Holland trying to force-feed the monkey cocaine and attempting to flush him down a toilet while he clings to it. She can also be heard yelling profanities at him. When the case was brought before the court, additional phone evidence was provided regarding further incidents with the monkey that were described as “very disturbing.”

Holland pled guilty to the charges. Despite her admission of guilt, the court handed down a meager twelve-week jail sentence, and then suspended the sentence. Holland will likely not serve a day in jail. Reportedly, she had previously received a suspended sentence for possession and distribution of cocaine.

This case appears to be a clear violation of the region’s Animal Welfare Act, but the tougher penalties supposedly levied for violations were completely absent. Sign the petition below to urge the department responsible for enforcing this law to launch a deeper investigation into this troubling case.


Dear Minister Eustice,

When it replaced a previous animal cruelty law, the Animal Welfare Act was heralded as a needed reform that could prevent the “unnecessary suffering” of animals. A conviction is supposed to result when pain or suffering is inflicted cruelly and without good reason. Debate may result about what specific incidents meet this criteria, however, if a woman feeds her pet animal cocaine and attempts to flush him down the toilet, no rational person would dispute that the guilty party violated her duty of care and violated the very principles of the act.

Such an incident is not theoretical. It took place recently in south Wales, and it involved a pet marmoset. Worse yet, the admitted abuser apparently had a previous criminal record and a phone reportedly filled with videos of other abusive content. Most troubling of all is the fact that this suspect received a suspended sentence as supposed punishment. The Animal Welfare Act clearly states that you may intervene in matters if local authorities and legalities do not do their job.

Please utilize this power to investigate the case of Vicki Holland and ensure true justice is served.


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Photo Credit: RSPCA Cymru


  1. A suspended sentence…? There’s a surprise!!! That’s what most people get these days and I can only imagine that the reason for this is that our prisons are full to capacity as they are so luxurious everyone wants to go there!! Prison is meant to be a punishment, or has our daft Govt. forgotten that? Prison should be made so dreadful that those who need to be punished (like this evil woman for a start) get the punishment they deserve and don’t ever want to go back. Simple.
    This woman will never get what she deserves from the Authorities, so we can only hope she meets someone waiting for her in a dark alley and and is left as traumatised as this poor little Marmoset. Or, better still, no longer actually alive to carry out any other atrocities on animals, because you can be sure she will obtain others to torture….and probably get another suspended sentence.

  2. Torah Wolf says:

    That evil witch I’d like to show that cocaine up her you know what and the judge that just gave her a slap on the wrist well let me tell you all the judges that do not follow God’s law in the Bible guess what they’re going to have to answer to God when they leave this planet as to why they allow torture and negligence to be considered a trivial offense against God’s creations… He doesn’t like that… And my guess is when he dies he’ll find a very angry God on the other side

  3. Force feed her the drugs until SHE DIE’S NO MORE PROBLEM

  4. Fern Walker says:

    Is the monkey safe now? With a animal welfare group I’m hoping? That poor baby.. that woman deserves to rot in jail.

  5. Sick witch needs her life ended

  6. Animal cruelty is not a punishable offense for some reason. Animal cruelty should hold some of the harshest punishments as it has been SHOWN to lead to human abuse. If the courts were to hand down harsh punishment for these crimes, the crimes against humans would decrease substantially. GUARANTEED!

  7. may the same happen to her

  8. Kathleen+I+Nagy-DeRosa says:

    Feed her all the cocaine you find in her possession and save taxpayer’s money. 12 weeks, really? I’m glad you think so highly of the life she was trying to snub out. She has to be demented to do what she did, and you let her walk. What will you give her for the next animal she tortures, a day at the spa? Disgusting.

  9. A suspended sentence is ridiculous. She needs to spend years in jail and also be given a huge fine. If we keep giving these people a slap on the wrist then they are going to continue committing these types of crimes. They should have severe punishments and never be allowed to own a pet again. I hope the monkey is in a safe situation now and is being well taken care of. When are we going to start taking animal cruelty seriously. Its been proven it can lead to crimes against humans so we need to get them off the streets before that can happen.

  10. I hope the monkey was removed and in the safety of the humane society. The unbelievable stupidity of the Wales legal system is astonishing. A message should have been sent to this female essence of evil and to other animal abusers. Not to mention, it would be a wonderful way for Wales to raise funds for different projects.

  11. The death penalty must be performed globally on all animal abusers.

  12. Francis Fischer says:

    Oh my heaven. This is so evil it makes my head spin – literally. How can this happen? What could have created such a person? Stop the world I want to get off!

  13. jackie Pflucker says:


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